Vintage Christmas Cards

Recently I started collecting vintage Christmas cards, and decided, like many of my other ephemera collections, I should share them with you! Perhaps this will be another Christmas time tradition on the blog, as my collection grows.

A white card is edged in red with small green trees on each side. In the center, it reads "Season's Greetings"

Turquoise bells with gold detailing.

A pink background with silver and white snowflakes, in red script font it reads "Merry Christmas"

Four silver cats sit on a white card. Two feature pink bow ties, one has a blue bow tie, and another has a sprig of holly.

A carriage is pulled by four horses across a large envelope and card, which reads "Season's Greetings"

A jolly illustration of Santa is under a hanging mistletoe.

A green card features a treble clef made of garland, and in a font reminiscent of music notes it reads "A Christmas Note"

Santa rides across a red card, pulled by his reindeer, a small town edges the bottom.

Holly edges a card, in the center, in script made of red ribbon it reads "Christmas Greetings"

A blonde girl stands in the middle of a white card edged in slate blue. She is wearing a red bonnet, a blue coat edged in white fur, and a large red skirt. She also holds a white fur muff.

A pair of candles sit, one red, one gold, above it reads "Merry Christmas" the "Christmas" portion is spelled out with the smoke from the red candle.

Santa holds a black phone to his ear, a green background, and in white script it reads "Hello"

A stagecoach is pulled across a blue background, the edges of the card have red candles. Below it reads "To Greet You At Christmas"

A turquoise card features a small village with snow capped roofs, and white, leafless trees. Above it reads "Happy Holidays"

A white card edged in holly, in the middle it reads "A Christmas message"

A lantern hangs against a wooden background. Below it reads "Christmas Greeting"

A red card with a small white sign, which reads "Merry Christmas" Atop the sign a carriage strides across, pulled by four horses.

A turquoise background, in the middle a woman dressed in a white dress skirt, red top, and brown fur. She carries presents. Above it reads "A Christmas Wish"

A white card features a pink star, turquoise ornament, a green bird, a pink ornament, and a pink candy cane.

A green background features two white rectangles, each feature a word, and it reads "Season's Greetings" and small bits of holly surround the boxes.

A girl in a green shirt and black pants sits on a purple couch, she is on the phone and playing with her cat who is on the floor. Across the top it reads"and have a Merry Christmas"

With this last one I also have to share the inside of it as well, because it’s just as cute as the outside!

Inside the girl sits on the floor, on a green rug, playing with her cat, still on the phone, and it reads "and the nicest New Year ever!"

Whoever this Millie was, I bet she was one fashionable gal!

I hope you enjoyed this little collection! Do you collect vintage Christmas cards? Or any other cards? I recently also started to collect vintage New Year cards too, and have started to buy vintage Valentines as well, but I am even pickier about my Valentines than I am Christmas cards!

UPDATE! I’ve decided to make this a new tradition! So if you want to see more of my vintage Christmas card collection, including vintage California themed Christmas postcards, click here!

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