Step into the Beauty Bubble, Joshua Tree’s Kitschiest Salon & Museum

Just past the turn to head into Joshua Tree National Park is another national treasure, the candy colored The Beauty Bubble Salon and Museum.

The outside of the Beauty Bubble, a cream building with orange sherbet trim, a large half circle painted turquoise reads "The Beauty Bubble Salon and Museum" with small bubble like circles rising from it. A cartoon of a woman is painted next to it, who does her hair with hair spray while looking in a mirror. Outside sit a blue and a pink chair, and on the left a sauna hair dryer.

Step inside and you’ll instantly want to do something wild and crazy with your hair. Because, how can you not with a plethora of vintage hair goodies across every surface, and images of stylish dos from yesteryear scattered throughout?

The Beauty Bubble is owned by stylist and “hairstorian” Jeff Hafler, who began collecting “hair-aphenalia” in 1991 when he entered beauty school. Hafler originally showcased his collection when he opened his own hair salon in West Hollywood. Eventually he fell in love with Joshua Tree, and after a former colleague asked to buy his West Hollywood business, he sold it, packed up, and headed to the desert.

Just inside the Beauty Bubble. A shelf along the top features vintage hair dryers.The walls are covered with various hair items, curlers, bobby pins and hair pin cards, there are shelves with vintage jewelry for sale.

A bright pink and a turquoise chair sit outside the door to the Beauty Bubble, each have hair dryers above them.

In 2013 the Beauty Bubble was located in a cute, vintage orange sherbet colored trailer, but the following year the Beauty Bubble found a larger location next to the Joshua Tree Saloon and another unique desert attraction The World Famous Crochet Museum.

The Beauty Bubble also offers a bit of vintage shopping, with a selection of vintage jewelry and purses available just inside the door! Along with Beauty Bubble t-shirts, compacts and magnets!

Step into The Beauty Bubble at 61855 29 Palms Highway in Joshua Tree, Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 to 6:00.

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