Trick or Treat

Per usual, I’ve had the house decorated for Halloween for a few weeks now, but have been procrastinating because I keep stumbling upon new items! But seeing as it’s almost mid-October, I’d say it’s time to share.

Overview of our living room. Orange and black couches sit in an L shape. An abstract desert painting hangs above the couch against the wall. Between the two are two skeletons and a black cat. Spirit board pillows sit on the couches.

A paper pumpkin looks like it is carved with "Trick or Treat" above it, clothes pinned to ribbon are various small trick or treat bags.

A paper decoration of a black cat peeking out of a jack-o-lantern. Next to it sits a ceramic black cat, and next to it a plastic black cat with a jack-o-lantern.

A framed napkin featuring a witch, jack-o-lanterns, and brooms with a black cat head in the middle. Three ceramic black cats sit in front. Framed to the right is a portion of a vintage table cloth featuring a haunted house.

Recently Patrick and I scored this beautiful vintage atomic shadowbox. It was in shambles, but we restored it and it finally gave us something to hang above the fireplace, while also providing a wonderful new surface to decorate.

Close-up of a noise maker that features a youthful witch standing atop a jack-o-lantern, and a black cat.

An orange and black cardboard "haunted" house for our cat, Colonel Whiskers, who sits inside.

Various paper Halloween decorations hang on the bring fireplace, including a large black cat, a scarecrow, a black cat dressed like a pirate, and a skeleton.

Our dining room. A warm, light wood dining room set sits in the middle of the dining room, with a matching secretary behind it. Hanging on the wall is an orange and black posters for the Halloween Spooktacular at Bob Baker. A garland of jack-o-lanterns hangs from the valance of the window. Sitting on top of the valance are three paper cats sitting in pumpkins. Hanging above the secretary are three prints of Joshua Tree National Park. Atop the secretary is a spirit board with images from House on Haunted Hill, a paper skeleton dressed as a pirate leans against it. A paper black cat leans agains the opposite side. A paper skull and cross bones sits net to the black cat.

Close-up of a noise maker, white with orange and black diamond print, and a witch with a pointed hat.

An orange, black, and green decoration of a haunted house sits on a shelf.

Four ceramic devil dancers sit on a shelf. Behind them is a box for a spirit board with the image of a devil on it.

On the TV Donald Duck's nephews dressed as a witch, devil, and ghost, go trick or treating. Flanking the TV are orange plastic jack-o-lanterns.

Halloween decor sitting atop the secretary. A paper decoration of a black cat sitting on a skull sits on top of a pile of books. A paper skeleton pirate is next to it. In the middle is a spirit board with images from House on Haunted Hill, including Vincent Price. A paper black cat sits next to a paper skull and crossbones. A plastic jack-o-lantern sits in the middle and various tin noise makers are scattered.

A paper cup with a jack-o-lantern and a black cat wearing an orange party hat. Next to it a plastic jack-o-lantern with a witch's hat, and a black cat.

A paper decoration of a young witch wearing an orange and green outfit.

Close-up of a noise maker, that features an owl holding a jack-o-lantern.

A warm wood corner table sits between our two couches. Spirit board pillows sit on the couch. A dapper jack-o-lantern and a dapper cat paper Halloween decorations sit on either side of a lamp.

A black and white sign with a moon and stars reads "Happy Halloween" in white script. Next to it is a small orange plastic witch, next to it, a plastic jack-o-lantern.

Close-up of a paper black cat and a noise maker with a diamond pattern that also features images of skulls, witches, cats, and pumpkins.

A 3D paper house sits in the middle of our dining room table. A jack-o-lantern garland hangs from the valance in the background.

Close up of several trick or treat bags, which include images of ghosts, black cats, moons, stars, and jack-o-lanterns.

An abstract shape mirrored shadow box hangs above a fireplace. It is filled with various Halloween decorations.

An orange and black banner reads "Happy Halloween" and hangs on the valance above our sliding glass door. Atop the valance are various vintage cameras, and paper Halloween decorations, including a witch, a haunted house, a jack-o-lantern with a straw hat, and a witch on a broom.

On another home note, we just celebrated two years in our house, and I have yet to photograph much of the home when it isn’t the holidays! There’s a reason for that though, as we have several house projects in those areas still underway, and once done, I promise to share! It’s just that home projects are expensive! And we can really only afford to two or so a year.

If you want some tips on how to decorate with vintage paper Halloween decorations, check out this post.

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