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JULY 2020 UPDATE: I have left this Ambassador program. If you read this, then read my post on why I left, then you will understand just how crushing this is for me.

I have had some extremely exciting news bottled up since late last month, but things are finally official so I feel like I can share! This year I was selected to be a Knott’s Berry Farm Anniversary Ambassador! Three years ago Knott’s Berry Farm realized that bloggers and vloggers were great resources to share what is happening at the Farm, and created a team under the title “Berry Bloggers” who showcased the park on their own blogs, while also writing for the Knott’s Berry Farm blog, and participating in KBF’s social media. Since then they have grown their team, and as this year marks Knott’s Berry Farm’s 100th anniversary, they selected the name “Knott’s Anniversary Ambassadors” for this group of people.

Myself, standing in front of a recreation of Knott's Berry Farm's first roadside stand, which sells boysenberry plants, wearing a purple sweater over a white dress with painted boysenberries.

What does this mean for the blog? Not much really! Since 2015 I have been writing about Knott’s Berry Farm of my own accord. So, things won’t be changing too much. Knott’s will not be writing any of my content, I will still be writing all of my own posts about events at Knott’s, all with my personal fashion and/or history twist, like I’ve always done. But, as mentioned earlier, 2020 does mark the 100th anniversary of the Farm, so there is a lot of unique stuff to discuss and cover, therefore it is likely there will be more Knott’s here on the blog and on Instagram this year. I know not everyone who reads the blog is into Knott’s, or is capable of visiting this unique theme park, but I do hope that through my style oriented posts that many of you will still find enjoyment in many of my posts!

So, what is in store for 2020 at the Farm? Lots!!! Last weekend Knott’s kicked off Peanuts Celebration, and there will be a blog post dedicated to that later this week. Boysenberry Festival arrives in spring and will have more to offer in terms of tasty treats! In summer there will be three different events happening all at once! The award winning interactive experience Ghost Town Alive will be returning, along with the music filled block party Summer Nights. But in addition to those two returning events, summer will be the Knott’s Family Reunion Celebration, where the park will be highlighting its unique and colorful history. Summer also brings the arrival of the revamped Knott’s Beary Tales attraction, a continuation of the original that lasted from 1975 to 1986. But more details on that once its opening gets closer! And once summer is over, it doesn’t mean the fun is over! Spooky and Scary Farm arrive in September, and Merry Farm quickly follows beginning in late November.

Some clarification…First this 100th anniversary marks the arrival of the Knott family in Buena Park, and when they started their farm, not the 100th anniversary of the theme park. It’s important to remember, and is something that I’ve discussed before and will continue to discuss, Knott’s Berry Farm was originally a berry farm! Walter Knott and his family arrived in Buena Park in 1920 and began farming, later cultivating the boysenberry, which helped put them on the map, and when they needed to make ends meet during the Great Depression, Walter Knott’s wife, Cordelia Knott, started to sell fried chicken. Through word of mouth, people flocked to the small tea room, which expanded into a full restaurant, simply titled Chicken Dinner Restaurant. When people began waiting over three hours for their tables, Walter Knott began building things to amuse people during their long wait, the result was a Ghost Town, that later grew into its own entity and into the theme park we know and love today.

I want to be fully transparent, as part of the Ambassador program I am required to write about Knott’s here on my personal blog, and contribute to Knott’s social media. However, it will all be kept within my wheelhouse of style and history. Additionally Patrick and I have received free season passes to Knott’s.

If you’re a SoCal local, there has never been a better time to get an annual pass to Knott’s Berry Farm. It’s important to remember that Knott’s Berry Farm passes are for the calendar year, so no matter when you buy, your pass expires December 31. And if you are visiting SoCal this year, it’s the perfect time to visit Knott’s! Whether you have never been, or it’s been awhile! There is lots going on! To learn more about Knott’s Berry Farm, including purchasing tickets, please visit their website.

Group photo of all of the ambassadors

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