Patrick’s Camera Collection Vol. 2

Welcome to part two of Patrick’s Camera collection! To recap, when Patrick and I began dating, he was focusing on a career as a photographer, and when I learned he didn’t collect anything, I gifted him a single vintage camera I had purchased years earlier. Over the years his collection has grown. To view Volume 1, which covers cameras from 1900 to 1949 click here.

Six cameras of various styles are lined up at the bottom. Blue script reads "Patric's Camera Collection Vol. 2"

Today we look at the later half of the 20th century.

Kodak Duaflex II. A silver and black dual lens camera. Red script at the top reads "Duaflex II"

Kodak Duaflex II circa 1950-1954.

After Patrick began collecting in earnest, he began to wonder if any worked and could still be used. He started with this Duaflex back in 2012, and has used it on and off, mostly due to the cost of film. Between the film itself, development, and prints, it usually comes out to around $2 per photo. But I am very in love with the photos this camera produces. Due to its relatively poor quality lens it creates a kind of dreamy, vignette look.

The Mark Twain Riverboat, a white, old fashioned paddle wheeler churns through the Rivers of America.

The Haunted Mansion, an old antebellum Greek Revival style mansion with white pillars in front and green wrought iron balconies.

Kodak Duaflex IV. A brown and silver dual lens camera with a flash attachment.

Kodak Duaflex IV circa 1950s (discontinued in 1960)

A very small rangefinder style camera of black and silver.

Crystar circa 1950s

The smallest of our collection, the Crystar measures under two inches in length.

Tower One-Twenty Falsh. A black camera with a gold plate on the front.

Tower One-Twenty Flash by Sears circa 1950s

Spectator Flash. A black square camera with a silver and black plate on the front. A flash attachment is on the top.

Spectator Flash circa 1950s

Kodak Brownie Hawkeye. A small square camera with a slim silver panel in the front around the lens. A flash attachment is on the right.

Kodak Brownie Hawkeye circa 1950-1961

Kodak Holiday Flash. A small brown square camera with a silver plate on the front. Red script reads "Holiday Flash"

Kodak Holiday Flash circa 1953-1962

Herco Imperial. A small square camera with a silver front. A scrolling script reads "Imperial" across the top.

Herco Imperial circa 1955

Sabre 620. A black square camera with a gold plate on the front. Black script reads "Sabre"

Sabre 620 circa 1956-1972

Savoy. A small mint green camera with a silver plate on the front. Red text reads "Savoy" across the bottom.

Savoy circa 1956-1965

This is the little camera that started it all! I picked up this camera at an antique show for $8 when I was in 8th or 9th grade. I simply loved the bright mint color. I later gifted it to Patrick when he was pursuing a career as a photographer and told me he didn’t collect anything. Little did I know it would result in a massive collection that we used to decorate our home with.

Sawyer Nomad 127. A rectangular brown camera with a triangular silver panel in front. The

Sawyer Nomad 127

Polaroid Land Camera 800. A two tone grey camera with a bellows and a flash attachment.

Polaroid Land Camera 800 circa 1957-1962

Kodak Brownie Starflex. A black and silver dual lens camera.

Kodak Brownie Starflex c. 1957-1964

Argus Match-matic C3. A grey and black rangefinder style camera with silver knobs and dials.

Argus Match-matic C3 circa 1958-1966

Yashica-D. A black dual lens camera with silver trim around the lenses and some dials.

Yashica-D circa 1958-1974

This Yashica was recently gifted to Patrick by a friend. Unlike the Duaflex, targeted toward families for average use, Yashicas were for advanced amateurs and therefore produce much clearer photos. Here are two shots from when Patrick took it to Disneyland on March 1.

Various colorful masks, spears, and shields of Adventureland.

The Golden Horseshoe, a western style saloon painted a pale orange with a white sign with gold details reading "The Golden Horseshoe"

Polaroid Model 80B. A two tone silver camera with a bellows.

Polaroid Model 80B circa 1959

Partus Vanguard. A small brown square camera with a silver plate on front, and red script reading "Vanguard" and a flash attachment on the right.

Spartus Vanguard circa 1960s

Petri 7S. A black and silver rangefinder type camera with the flash built into the lens.

Petri 7S circa 1962

SX-70 Land Camera. The camera pops up like a tent. It features tan leather on the top and grey metal around the edges.

SX-70 circa 1972

I hope you enjoyed this look into Patrick’s camera collection! Do you have a favorite from the collection? Is there anything you started collecting because someone gifted you something?

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