A Visit to Disneyland

Let’s take a trip to Disneyland, but Disneyland in 1965… Disneyland may be closed currently, but thanks to a little book called A Visit to Disneyland we can all pretend that we have stepped into a time machine to visit Walt Disney’s original Magic Kingdom.

Book Cover: A Visit to Disneyland. In the middle is a photo of Mickey leading the Disneyland Band with Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background. The book is edged in red and has illustrations of various Disneyland attractions on it.

Just inside the book, a warm, yellow-orange with various photos of Disneyland. Text reads Walt Disney's A Visit to Disneyland by Mabel Watts illustrated by Stan Tusan"

Illustrated map of Disneyland, with a train at the front, a jungle to the left, next to a stagecoach going through the desert, a castle in the upper middle, a mountain on the right, and below that a rocket. Text reads "Come to the Magic Kingdom, Join the adventurous band, Walk through the turnstile, Into the square, and LOOK-"

Photograph of the Disneyland Band at the flag pole in Town Square. Here Victorian buildings go into the distance with Sleeping Beauty Castle far off.

A photo of the horse drawn street car and omnibus along Main Street. Text reads "You're in Disneyland! Riding top-deck in an omnibus, You're back in Great-Grandmother's day. You turn back the clock As you chug down the block Along Main Street, U.S.A."

Two photos, one of the horse drawn street car, another of an early automobile. Text reads "There are horse-drawn trolleys and carriages And funny old cars by the score. You see a parade, a penny arcade, And many an old-fashioned store."

Illustration of a two children, one wears Mickey ears, another a straw boater, the each carry batons. Below them a photo of the Disneyland Band walking down Main Street with the castle in the background. Text reads "Prance and dance to the music, Keep in step with its cheerful beat, For the Disneyland band Is the best in the land To tickle the soles of your feet."

A photo of a boat parting the waters of the Jungle Cruise. An illustration features two children in pith helmets looking at large leaves and grass, a bird sits on a branch. Text reads "Cruising a jungle river Aboard an explorer's launch, You are now A big-game hunter, Daring, and stout, and staunch. A hippo pops up out of nowhere. The captain takes aim, he shoots. Then up from the bubbles come more hippo troubles, A couple of brand-new recruits."

A photo of an elephant in a waterfall on the left, a photo of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse on the right. Text reads "There are orchids galore on the tropical shore, And savages eager to seize you. Elephants keep cool In their own private pool, And gorillas look ready to squeeze you. Climb up the stairs to the Tree House of Swiss Family Robinson fame. Be a castaway In this hideaway, Shipwrecked, but happy and game."

Illustration of two children aboard an old steam paddle wheeler. Photos below of the Mark Twain, a white paddle wheeler boat, and the Tom Sawyer log rafts. Text reads "A sight-seeing trip on this teamer Is exciting and certain to please. Give the whistle a jerk, Watch the paddle wheel work, And try out the fine plush settees. A for and a cave await the young and the brave On Tom Sawyer Island shore. And the Huck Finn Raft, A sturdy log craft, Will ferry you there to explore."

A photo of the canoes along the Rivers of America. Text reads "How do you paddle a war canoe When you happen to be one of the paleface crew? Hold tight to your oar, Push off from the shore, And row like the Indians do. Each Indian dance has a meaning, It has something important to say. To bring rain for his crops This brave leaps and hops As he mixes his work with his play."

A photograph of a Native American dancer in a circle with Guests watching him.

A photo of the Bertha Mae, one of the keel boats, along the Rivers of America. Text reads "Crane your neck from the keelboat's deck, To scan the wild frontier. In your coonskin cap With your grub and your map You're a fearless, brave pioneer."

Photo of Guests aboard burros, with a faux western down in the background. Text reads "You are ready to tour Nature's Wonderland Where the deer and the bighorn feed. You'll see smart, fishing bears, Beavers building in pairs, As you ride on your surefooted steed."

On the left a photo of a little girl with Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the White Rabbit in front of the castle, on the right a photo of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Text reads "If you have a question for Alice, The mad Hatter, or the merry March Hare, Don't be timid or Shy, As, 'How?' 'What?' or 'Why?' For a chance such as this is quite rare. Enter this storybook castle With its drawbridge, its towers, its steeple. No need to speak low, Or to walk tippy-toe, Sleeping Beauty's awake, greeting people."

Photograph of Snow White with her seven dwarf friends, and a man holding balloons near Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Guests aboard the horses of King Arthur's Carousel. Text reads "The dwarfs are kindly and friendly. There is something delightful about them. Snow White loves every one, And when all's said and done, She'd not venture forth without them. Pick a good steed full of spirit and speed, Handsome, high-stepping, and proud. On this carrousel Every horse must excel, For only the best are allowed."

Photo of a boat going past miniatures of various locations from stories. Text reads "This canalboat takes you through Storybook Land, While the scenery reels off the pages. You pass spots old and sweet, Places small, quaint, and neat, From the tales you have known for ages."

The Casey Jr. Circus Train chugs over a bridge with a small castle on a hill in the distance. Text reads "Be a lion with a main, on the Casey Jr. train, Be a dancing circus bear going places. Be a leopard in a cage, Or a tiger in a rage, Or a monkey making funny monkey faces."

On the left an illustration of a rocket. On the top a photo of the monorail as it glides above the lagoon, the Matterhorn mountain is in the distance. A photo on bottom shows various flagpoles and a rocket in the distance. Text reads "Ride high on Tomorrowland's Monorail train. Take a rocket trip clear to the moon. You can cross outer space At such a wild pace That you'll be there and back very soon."

Illustration of two mermaids looking at a treasure chest, and a photograph of fish by coral and other sea life. Text reads "There are sights to be seen from a submarine, So batten the hatches and plunge, Down to the emerald depths below, Down where the gardens of coral grow, Down where spilled treasures glitter and glow, Amid mermaids and seaweed and sponge."

Illustrations of children in rockets and in a small car. Photo on the left is of the Astrojets spinning. Photo on the right is over children driving small colorful cars. Text reads "The pilot who flies in as Astrojet Can be you, at the helm, commanding. Swift, dashing, and airy, (Thought a tiny bit scary!) It's a great flight from takeoff to landing. Follow the leader, obey all the rules, You're driving Autopia style. This highway is play, All the traffic's one way, And the rule of the road is smile."

Illustration of the castle and two children. One wears a Mickey ear hat and holds balloons, the other holds a pennant. Text reads "Leave adventure and magic behind you. But please don't shed one single tear. The way Disneyland's growing There's no way of knowing What surprise you'll find next time you're here!"

Photo of Mickey and many costumed characters in front of the large floral Mickey by the Train Station

I hope you all enjoyed this little peek into Disneyland of the past! As you can see while much has changed, much has stayed the same! I certainly can’t wait to return to Disneyland for real!

I claim no ownership over these images. They are copyright of the Walt Disney Productions. This book is no longer in publication and is not being used for monetary gain. No money is made through this blog.

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