Cooking with Vincent: Gumbo Soup

Welcome to another Cooking with Vincent post where I attempt to recreate some of horror icon, Vincent Price’s dishes from his cookbooks! As mentioned previously we purchased to supplement A Treasure of Great Recipes which is what initially kicked off this series, and I am so glad we did! In some ways the recipes from Come into the Kitchen are a little easier to manage for me as it has a focus on American dishes, including today’s dish, which was was shockingly simple to make!

Close-up of the book Come Into the Kitchen, my Vincent Price necklace visible behind.

Despite the summer weather, I’ve been craving Disneyland gumbo, and it just so happens there is a recipe for Gumbo Soup in Come into the Kitchen! And it even ended up tasting similar to the steak gumbo available at Royal Street Veranda in New Orleans Square! Now if only I had thought to make or buy some sourdough!

I was really happy with how easy this was to do. I mean, I was quite shocked really! This recipe was almost like using a slow cooker, because despite taking roughly two and a half hours to do, about two hours of that was it simmering on the stove. It was mostly a process of cutting, chopping, and then putting the ingredients into the pot.

Unlike some of Price’s other recipes, where we were forced to make alterations, this one was true to the book.

Myself, wearing a white dress, and a black necklace featuring Vincent Price, holding his book "Come Into the Kitchen"

The gumbo recipe.

Meat, a green pepper, an onion, okra, canned tomatoes, butter, and spices sit on a cutting board.

Floured meat is poured into a cast iron dutch oven.

Myself cutting an onion.

Onions get stirred into the cast iron.

Cut okra sits on a cutting board with a knife blade angled across the right.

Colorful gumbo stews in a cast iron dutch oven, a hand peeks in from the upper left with a small white dish full of spices.

A wooden spoon lifts some hunks of meat and okra from a red gumbo in a cast iron dutch oven.

Deep redish-orange gumbo sits in a bowl, a plate with cornbread sits to the left.

Patrick was initially rather hesitant about this recipe, as he didn’t think it would be all that flavorful. But in the end, it ended up being rich in flavor. However, most people expect gumbo to have a lot of heat and kick to it, which this was lacking. We decided if we were to make it again, we would add some cajun seasoning and/or tabasco sauce, which may be something to consider if you make this as well.

Come Into the Kitchen is available on Amazon, as well as used copies on Ebay and Etsy.

Disclaimer: This post contains an Amazon affiliate link.

Colorful gumbo stews in a cast iron dutch oven, a hand peeks in from the upper left with a small white dish full of spices. White letters overlay read "Cooking with Vincent Gumbo Soup"

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