All Decorated for the Spooky Season

Here we are, at the end of September and, honestly, I can’t believe how quickly it has has gone by! With October in sight, it’s time to share with you how I’ve decorated our home for Halloween. Each year I add more and more, and was extremely thankful to return to antique malls on the hunt for fresh vintage finds, but I also splurged on a couple of items on Ebay (including two blow mold Jack O’lanterns I’ve been wanting for years) and I found a few things on Etsy too.

Overall view of our living room, with the two small couches forming an L-shape.

View from the kitchen looking into the dining room. On the right is a green painted wall with a framed piece of vintage table cloth with a witch and ghost, in the dining room a framed poster for Bob Baker's "Halloween Spooktacular"

On the shelves of the secretary are various vintage paper plates, one features a scarecrow, another features a black cat atop a Jack O'lantern.

This year I started buying vintage Halloween paper plates. I’ve always admired them, but this year decided the shelves of the secretary needed something, and since it’s in the dining room thought paper plates would be rather fitting. Much like mini trick or treat bags, vintage paper plates are still relatively inexpensive, and when displayed just right they create a big impact for little dough. While I found a handful at antique malls, I also purchased multiple from this Etsy shop. I also added vintage Halloween costumes to the mix, something I’ve wanted to do for awhile now. I was thrilled to find a pirate and skeleton at a local antique mall, and a Little Red Riding Hood one on Etsy.

Overall view of the dining room. On the left is a framed poster for Bob Baker's "Halloween Spooktacular" featuring images of ghosts, and black cat. A window with an abstract print curtain, hanging from the valance is a garland featuring Jack O'lanterns, atop the valance are three black cats with Jack O'lanterns, on the back wall are three frames, two of which feature pieces of vintage table cloths, one with witches the other with haunted houses. In the middle features two die cuts, one of a witch, the other a skeleton with a guitar. Below a secretary features various Halloween decorations.

Close-up of a bookshelf, with a costume box for a Little Red Riding Hood costume, a vintage noise maker featuring a black cat, a small ceramic ghost, a tombstone reading "Here Lies Ghost Number 1000 Disneyland Haunted Mansion" and a black cat blow mold trick or treat bucket, which inside sits the half eaten lollipop from the film Trick 'r Treat.

A partially open room divider separates our living room from our hallway, within it is a garland made of many small trick or treat bags, three die cut Jack O'lanterns, and various blow mold Jack O'lanterns.

Close-up of a metal noisemaker with a spooky design featuring a witch, ghost, cat, and bat. In the background a blow mold Jack O'lantern with a with hat.

Overall view of a bookcase next to our fireplace. The bookcase contains various Halloween decorations, such as a blow mold haunted house, spirit board, cauldron, die cut witch, and more.

The back wall of dining room. On the wall are three frames, the left features a piece of vintage paper tablecloth, with Jack O'lanterns and witches, the middle piece is a witch and skeleton with a guitar, the right piece is also a piece of vintage paper tablecloth with images of a haunted house. Sitting atop the three frames are three black cat die cuts. Below, atop the secretary are various Halloween decorations, including a die cut of a haunted house, skeleton dressed as a pirate, and skull, a small blow mold Jack O'lantern, a ceramic skull mug, a spirit board, and a pirate costume in the box.

More blow mold sits on the bar by the kitchen, including a small blow mold scarecrow with a Jack O'lantern for a head, a small Jack O'lantern with a surprised look on his face, a larger Jack O'lantern wearing a mask over his eyes, and a white skull.

Overall view of part of our living room, featuring a 50s chair, table with a lamp, Snoopy cardboard cut out, and blow mold Jack O'lantern with a witch hat atop it, above both is a garland of various Halloween die cuts, including pumpkins, back cats, bats, skeletons, and witches.

Close-up of one of the paper plates, which features a design of a pumpkin wearing a witch hat with moon and stars on it.

Overall view of our fireplace, with die cut ghosts handing, a shadow box hangs on one side, with various die cut black cats around.

Close-up of a shelf, featuring a small bottle with gold text reading "Holy Water" next to it is a tape measure for a funeral home.

Overall view of our living room, with the television, couches, and coffee table, above is a long painting of a desert landscape.

Close-up of the ceramic skull mug.

A small table sits next to curtains, on it is a black lamp with a green shade, a small cardboard standup of Snoopy dancing, wearing a mask, in a pumpkin patch, a small die cut of an owl, and a blow mold Jack O'lantern wearing a witch hat.

Two records sit atop the record player, one is The Haunted Mansion, featuring an illustration of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, a southern plantation with a variety of ghosts heading in, the other is a 45 from The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh, featuring a photograph of the title character.

Two of the bookshelves, the upper one sits a blow mold haunted house, a framed vintage napkin with Jack O'lanterns, witches, and brooms, in front sits three ceramic black cats. Below is a box holding a skeleton costume, and some books.

A large die cut of a haunted house, with a black cat on the porch, and a witch in the window.

Our entertainment center, with our TV in the center, on screen Disney's Skeleton Dance short, an owl sits on a branch in front of the full moon. On either side are blow mold Jack O'lanterns sitting atop black cats. Hanging on the doors of the entertainment center are die cuts, one of a black cat, the other of an owl. On the shelf below the TV sits a spirit board with Rod Serling of The Twilight Zone.

A vintage noisemaker featuring a harlequin pattern of orange and white with spooky figures inside the diamonds, such as a skull, witch, black cat, and bats.

A square table sits between our two couches, atop it sits various Halloween die cuts, including a black cat popping out of a Jack O'lantern, a scarecrow, a black cat with a skull, a smaller scarecrow, and an owl.

Close-up of a blow mold trick or treat bucket of a Jack O'lantern with a top hat.

Blow mold sits near the fireplace, various Jack O'lanterns are stacked atop each other, and a small witch holds a pumpkin.

Close-up of a die cut featuring a black cat with its back arched, standing on a fence.

Close-up of four dancers dressed as devils.

Colonel Whiskers pops out from the upper level of his cat hotel.

Halloween has sneaked into the kitchen, guest bathroom, and even our bedroom over the last couple years. It’s nice having it be so festive throughout the house. Also for the first year ever we’ve decorated outside. I think there are still some finishing touches to work on, before I consider sharing it on the blog.

Have you decorated for Halloween yet? Also if you’re looking for some tips on decorating with vintage Halloween treasures, then I recommend this post for ideas on how to display vintage decorations without damaging them.

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