Vintage Easter Cards

Since opening my Etsy shop (December 2022 Update: I have since closed my Etsy shop) I found it as an excuse to buy even more vintage greeting cards, including cards I hadn’t previously bought for, such as Easter cards. In the past I’ve shared various selections from my ephemera collection, most notably my annual vintage Christmas card post, and with a new swath of cards, and Easter right around the corner, I decided to share my small collection of vintage Easter cards!

Vintage Easter card featuring a blonde girl in a colorful pink, yellow, and green dress and hat sits in grass holding a small white lamb with a blue bow. Script in the upper right reads "Happy Easter to a Dear Daughter"

Vintage Easter card featuring a small blonde boy dresses as a train engineer aboard a small black train, in what would be the coal car, behind the engine, is full of colorful Easter eggs, and a small bunny. On the side of the car reads "Easter Express" above the train reads "An Easter Train for a fine son"

Vintage Easter card featuring two tan bunnies driving an old fashioned car. Text across the top reads "For Grandma and Grandpa"

Vintage Easter card featuring a pink, teal, green, and black rooster, with text reading "To Dad at Easter"

Vintage Easter card featuring a white bunny wearing a blue and white gingham hat, driving a small yellow convertible. Behind him is a large pink egg that reads "Happy Easter Son"

Vintage Easter card featuring a white bunny in a pink and yellow dress steps outside of an egg shaped house to greet a small yellow chick in a pink bonnet. Script below reads "Hello!"

Vintage Easter card featuring a black background with chicken wire, and two chickens in front. A blue, black, yellow and pink roosters wears a white top hat, the hen is white with a yellow bonnet. Gold text across the top reads "For You Honey, at Easter"

A small baby yellow chick wearing a green cap drives a car shaped like an open egg, painted blue. Text across the bottom reads "Happy Easter"

Vintage Easter card featuring a blonde boy in cowboy attire greets a grey bunny sitting on a stump. Under the cowboy's arm is a large blue egg. Text across the top reads "Happy Easter to a Real Boy"

Vintage Easter card featuring a couple over a yellow background. The couple is dressed in Victorian attire, the woman wears a pink dress with a large hat featuring birds and flowers. A purple scarf keeps her hat atop her head, and a matching purple parasol is held in one hand but rests on the ground. The man is bowing in front of her, wearing a grey jacket and black pants, he holds his straw boater style hat in one hand, and a bouquet of flowers in the other. Script across the top reads "An Easter Greeting for My Wife"

A brown haired boy drives a gold car, loaded with a large blue Easter Egg and several rabbits. Text reads "Hi Big Fella"

Vintage Easter card featuring a blonde girl in old fashioned attire, with a blue and pink parasol, blue and white hat, pink jacket, and full, layered white and pink skirt with blue bows, she carries blue flowers. Atop her parasol reads "For Easter"

When it comes to the holiday of Easter itself, I don’t really celebrate it, outside of stuffing my face full of Peeps and Cadbury eggs, as I am not religious. But I do enjoy the colorful spring palette and cute bunny rabbits and chicks. Do you have any Easter traditions that you’re looking forward to this year?

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