The Deserted Jenny Rose Restaurant of Yermo

En route to Calico Ghost Town you pass by the Jenny Rose Restaurant. With its massive neon heart sign, it certainly catches the eye, whether you’re on Ghost Town Road or on Interstate 15. But don’t expect to grab a bite to eat here, as a burger hasn’t be served here for sometime, and the only customers are the crows picking up scraps from travelers.

Visible through the windows are maroon booths stacked on top of each other, and blue counter stools sitting vacant at the counter, along with a variety of kitchen equipment, all caked in dust. What adds to the strangeness is that some of the items feature “Sold” tags, but they were sold long ago, as they are very faded from their once vibrant red.

A blue and red roof tops off a stone wall with a carved wood sign that reads "Jenny Rose Restaurant" In the distance a large neon heart frames a sign that also reads "Jenny Rose Restaurant"

A large red neon heart frames white rectangles reading "Jenny Rose Restaurant"

Angled view of the corner of the Jenny Rose. A stone wall sits on the left, while tall windows make up another side.

Dusty blue bar stools sit with no one in them at a counter. Kitchen equipment scattered behind the counter. A large fake burger sits on a shelf.

The skeleton of another sign sits in the distance. Just beyond it a large miner is the sign letting people know how far it is to Calico Ghost Town.

Straight on of the Jenny Rose, which has a low blue tiled wall with large windows above. A flat roof painted red and blue sits atop. Painted in black letters on the blue tile reads "Jenny Rose Restaurant"

Angled view of the corner of the Jenny Rose, with windows and blue tile wall.

A peek through the windows, booths of dark red upholstery are stacked up, a counter features dusty blue stools, kitchen equipment is scattered.

Close-up of the only customer, a black crow who sits on the carved wooden sign.

A large red neon heart frames white rectangles reading "Jenny Rose Restaurant"

Despite being an icon of the area, I couldn’t dig up too much information on the Jenny Rose! I couldn’t even figure out when it opened, and when it closed is even debatable. Via Weird California, Jenny Rose shuttered sometime around 2008 to 2009. Also thanks to Weird California, I learned that the sign, when it read “Cafe Jenny Rose,” it was featured on the back cover of Sheryl Crow’s debut album Tuesday Night Music Club in 1993.

History or no history, Jenny Rose is a nice place to stretch your legs and snap a photo of a fantastic neon sign en route to Las Vegas or Calico!

Peek through the dusty windows of the abandoned Jenny Rose at 35555 Ghost Town Road in Yermo. Please be respectful and do not attempt to get in or vandalize the property. Despite looking very desolate, it’s in fact on the same corner as a very active Chevron station.

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