Stepping into the Magnificent World of the Mandalorian

One of my favorite things about cons revolving around the film and television medium is that oftentimes you can see props and costumes up close. The highlight of Star Wars Celebration was, without a doubt, The Mandalorian Experience, a walk-thru exhibit of costumes, creatures, and props used in both The Mandalorian and Book of Boba Fett. The amount of detail in the costumes is staggering, and I especially love that both of these shows use practical effects a great deal, including models and puppets.

A model of Mando's ship, the Razor Crest, a bulbous silver ship.

A model of Moff Gideon's Star Destroyer, large triangular ship.

The cockpit of the Razor Crest, with various lighted buttons and leavers. Mando, in his armor seen earlier in the series, with his beskar helmet. and brown armor.

Costumes and masks for the Mon Calamari dock worker, a fishlike head, blue sweater, and apron, and a Quarren fisherman, who has an octopus like head with tendrils coming from the mouth area, he wears a rain coat with various items attached to his belt.

The "Frog Lady" a short creature with a purple frog light head, dressed in a dark robe with mustard colored scarf.

Prisoners frozen in carbonite hang as they did inside Mando's ship.

Zero, a droid with an almost ant-like head.

Starfighter. Large overview of the exhibit, with he massive, sleek silver Naboo Starfighter sitting in the middle.

Close-up of the small green, large eared alien that is Grogu, who keeps through a bubble like window in the Naboo Starfighter.

The Camtono, a circular container that has panels that fold down, designed to hold items of value. Inside are beskar ingots, small chunks of intense metal.

A tan Kowakian monkey lizard, a bizarre creature with no fur, large ears, and a wide, beak like mouth and nose. Behind stands IG-11, a droid with a tall head and long arms.

The puppet of the lava meerkat, a small brown meerkat like creature with red eyes.

Mando's pistol, a stylized handgun with swooping curves and a wooden handle.

Gor Koresh, a cyclops like alien with green skin, wide smooshed nose, wears a white and grey like robe styled suit. He stands in front of a concrete wall with lots of graffiti.

Cracked and bloody storm trooper helmets on spikes

The Mandalorian Armorer, who wears a gold spiked helmet, fur capelet, copper chest plate, dark teal shirt, and leather apron.

R2-D5, a red, white, and blue droid stands next to the costume for Peli Moto, the mechanic, who wears a dark, dusty red coveralls.

The tiny two legged droid that is BD-72, with a flat square head, sitting in front of the Naboo Starfighter.

Cobb Vanth's costume which is a red shirt, red scarf, and dark pants, standing in front of a speeder bike made from a large pod-racing engine.

Armor for Bo-Katan, black and blue armor with a helmet that almost resembles and owl.

Costume for Ahsoka, who has blue and white tendrils that come from her head, she wears a layered blue ensemble, with leather belt.

A small chainmail shirt made for Grogu.

A Dark Trooper, a black droid with red eyes and a gun.

Throne set from Book of Boba Fett, which features the costumes of Fennec Shand on the left and Boba Fett on the right.

Keesanton, a wookie of black fur with gold spiked pauldrons. He holes a large gun and spiked rings.

A massive bantha stands near an area showcasing the Sand People. The bantha features long brown fur and massive curling horns.

The Tuskan warrior, wears black garb, and a mask with goggles and breathing apparatus.

The Tuskan chief, head wrapped in tan like bandages with goggles and breathing apparatus, red and brown robe drapes the shoulders, with a tan gown under, and a necklace made of large metal pieces and teeth hangs from the neck.

A pair of Tuskans aka "Sand People" stand near a tent. The are dressed in layers of clothing, in both black and brown. Both of their heads are wrapped and they have goggles and breathing apparatuses.

The Tuskan child, short in height, he has a wrapped head with goggles and breathing apparatus, a red scarf, and brown cape over a black shirt.

Mok Shaiz, the mayor of Mos Espa, an Ithorian alien, with a bizarre hammerhead almost like head that curves down to the body, dressed in black robes with gold accents.

An elaborate black and gold costume from Garsa Fwip. A bodice of black with olive/gold drapes from the shoulders, a gold harness necklace and skirt of black with embroidered gold floral accents.

A white and gold ensemble worn by Garsa Fwip, a pale gold dress with white cape with gold accents, a gold metal belt, and elaborate headdress.

Max Rebo, the blue, elephant like alien who plays a circular piano like instrument.

A member of the Nikto Sand Riders, an alien dressed in biker garb with a Star Wars twist, featuring layers and some metal accents. His helmet features blunt spikes and he wears goggles.

Close-up of the rankor from Book of Boba Fett

The costume for the rankor keeper, a dark leather outfit with an emblem of a rankor on the chest.

The rat catcher droid, a tan bunny-line droid.

Make-up and costume for Cad Bane, a vicious blue alien with large red eyes. A breathing apparatus is attached to the sides of his sunken in cheeks. Atop his head a large brown flat cowboy hat, he is dressed in a brown jacket and brown shirt with some metal details.

Grogu peeks out of the bubble window in the Naboo Starfigher.

Another thing I love so much about both of these show is how they expand on tiny things that were in the background in the original trilogy. For example, the “camtono” was created from a background character in Empire Strikes Back. A man in an orange jumpsuit was seen running through the halls of Cloud City carrying what really was an ice cream maker (as so many Star Wars props began life as something a little less intergalactic) but this moment caught the attention of many, and he was even given a name, Willrow Hood, however the ice cream maker remained a mystery as to what it’s “Star Wars purpose” was, until The Mandalorian, which give it the Star Wars treatment, making it a portable safe. Hood’s character is often cosplayed by those attending Celebration, and there is even a “Running of the Hoods” at the event, however I missed it because I was walking through this exhibit!

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