The 99th Annual Anaheim Halloween Parade

After much anticipation and two altered formats, the Anaheim Fall Festival and Halloween Parade returned to the streets of Anaheim last weekend, and what a night! Typically I love to show off a cute autumnal outfit and offer up some of the fall-tastic sights of the festival and parade, but this year we were a little more involved than in the past, so the photos are far fewer this year, and there are none of the parade itself! Why? Because this year we got to be in the parade!

Shortly after purchasing our home here in Anaheim, I became aware that Anaheim is so much more than the Disneyland Resort, yes, it is a very big part of it, but we have really developed a true sense of community here beyond the Disneyland Resort, and a large part of that is the Anaheim Halloween Parade. However the festival and parade are not just about Halloween, as both also celebrate Día de los Muertos, with mariachi performances, elegant floats, colorful dancers, and more.

This year we helped get floats ready for their big day, and built some new additions to the festival. At the festival we accompanied the beloved Pumpkin Man and Kitty Cat to help them navigate the young and young at heart asking for photos, and as the sun set we geared up to walk through the streets of Anaheim. Of course, what is a Halloween parade without a costume? Just two weeks before the big day I was asked to dress up like Little Red Riding Hood to accompany the grumpy but whimsical trees, and I was able to throw the costume together with a square dancing dress I already had, a thrifted tank top with some last minute embroidery details, a cape bought at a Halloween shop, and a basket I had at home.

Pumpkin Man, dressed in a green sport coat, blue shirt with large red bowtie, green plaid pants, and topped with a blue bowler dances along with a jazz band as part of the festival.

Myself, dressed in a Little Red Riding Hood costume, standing in front of the Andy Anaheim float, Andy, a large letter A with a face on top, beats a large drum reading "Anaheim Fall Festival and Halloween Parade"

A small wooden cart featuring a cute redhead wearing a black, orange, and white stripe outfit and cat ears.

Kitty Cat stands in front of a float that looks like a clock tower with the face of a pumpkin, instead of the number 12 at the top it reads 31.

A large Day of the Dead float features well dressed skeletons and orange letters reading "Anaheim"

Pumpkin Man and Kitty Cat wave to the camera.

A colorful skeleton float wearing a large pink hat and yellow and orange skirt with pink flowers.

A wooden push cart made to look like a large black cat.

Myself, wearing a Little Red Riding Hood costume, standing in front of a grumpy looking tree float.

We had so much fun and believe it or not, but next year marks the 100th parade! I can’t wait to see what is in store and hopefully to be a part of it once again.

As for Halloween itself, we stayed in and watched some movies with friends. This October was much more hectic for a variety of reasons, and while I’m sad to see October go, as I didn’t do nearly as much as I wanted to, I’m excited for hauling in the Christmas decor this week! Does your town have any big Halloween traditions? How did you spent Halloween this year?

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