Halloween Time at Home

October is here and it is time to showcase our home all dressed up for Halloween! Despite haunting local antique malls, I’ve bought very little fresh decor this year, but that’s fine! The few items we did acquire bring me so much joy, including a fabulous vintage blow mold owl that has been on my unicorn list for a few years now, and a wonderful hand painted Andy Anaheim sculpture from Kevin & Jody.

When we bought our house I simply adored the vintage AC unit that was in the living room, but over the years it kind of became a thorn in my side with regards to decorating for the holidays. Well, earlier this year we finally bid farewell to it, and had it yanked out. We also decided it was time for some color in the living room and painted one wall the same green as the newly built hallway wall. We also got rid of the crown molding, making it easier for my Command Hook cheat to hang paper Halloween decorations.

Overall view of our living room.

A shelf display featuring a black cat decoration, a framed postcard of a scarecrow and a metal noisemaker featuring an owl holding a Jack O'Lantern.

View of our living room toward the fireplace.

A thin book features an illustration of women with playing cards below the title reads "Fortune Telling with Playing Cards" and below in script reads "Meier & Frank 'Portland's Own Store'"

View of the dining room with the fireplace in the foreground.

Our black cat, Houdini, pops out of a cardboard cat house shaped like a pumpkin.

Close-up of a head vase made to look like Elvira, with her iconic tall black wig and trademark low cut dress. Inside are vintage noise makers.

Overall of our living room toward the TV.

Various plastic Jack O'Lanterns sitting on top of the TV.

A blue spirit board features a fortune teller in front of a crystal ball and reads "Rajah Spirit Talking Board" above hang several mini trick or treat bags.

Overall view of part of the living room which features die cut Halloween decorations hanging on the wall.

A shelf display featuring a plastic black cat trick or treat bucket, a die cut paper decoration of a black cat standing on a skull, and on the right a small plastic Jack O'Lantern wearing a paper hat of a cat on it and text that reads "Trick Or Treat"

Overall view of the dining room.

A yellow book sits on the left and features a man in a devil costume, the title reads "Amateur's Guide to Magic and Mystery and the Black Art Exposted"

View of the TV, which has various Jack O'Lanterns on top of it.

Close-up of a metal noise maker that features an image of a witch on it.

A banner reads "Happy Halloween" and hangs above our sliding glass door.

Overall view of a shelf in the dining room loaded up with various Halloween decorations, such as Jack O'Lanterns,

A figurine of Andy Anaheim, a character with a cartoon head, and the body of the letter A. Atop his head is a witch hat and he holds a Jack O'Lantern.

Close-up of some decor, including die cut Jack O'Lantern wearing a witch hat and an owl.

Overall view of our living room.

Close-up of the game Kabala, which is a round green board with a large black eye in the middle.

Close-up of a small orange blow mold owl.

Houdini sits next to some spooky records.

View of the fireplace and the built in bookshelf next to it.

Close-up of a pennant made by Show Pigeon featuring elements of the Anaheim Halloween Parade, including Andy Anaheim, a creepy tree, and a UFO.

Shelf close-up of an orange blow mold haunted house, in front ceramic devil girls sit, along with a little UFO.

Three frames hang, two feature elements from vintage paper table cloths, and the middle features a dancing witch and a skeleton with a guitar.

Close-up of plastic Jack O'Lanterns and a paper haunted house.

Colonel Whiskers, our grey fluffy cat sits inside a cardboard cat house made to look like a hotel.

You might also spy we FINALLY have a new front door! I never cared for the front door that was on the house when we bought it. Shortly after buying the house I was curious to know what it looked like prior to the changes that were made to put it on the market, so I Google Street Viewed our home, and lucked out! Google hadn’t been by since the changes, and the front door looked original, featuring a diamond pane window, so it became my mission to track down an identical door. After striking out a few times, I was overjoyed when my friend, Danielle, sent me a Facebook Marketplace listing of a door just like what I was looking for, and it was the right size and orientation, and was only $100!! It had so many layers of paint on it, and Patrick worked hard to strip, sand, and repaint it. I decided to add a curtain, which can be changed out for the holidays.

Colonel Whiskers was a little camera shy this year, not happy until his haunted hotel was brought in. Houdini wasn’t camera shy at all. He thinks Halloween is a holiday dedicated to him! But who can blame him with all of the black cat decorations!?

Have you decorated your home for Halloween yet? Looking for tips on how to decorate using vintage Halloween decorations without damaging them? Check out this blog post!

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