Dressing Downton

Earlier in the week, myself, Patrick, and a friend went to Anaheim’s Muzeo as they were hosting the touring exhibit, Dressing Downton, which features the costumes of British show Downton Abbey. As a fan of the show and vintage fashion, I leaped at the opportunity to visit! If you’re unfamiliar with the show, it chronicles the life and times of the fictional Crowley family, and their estate, Downton Abbey in the Yorkshire countryside, along with those who they employ, from 1912 through I believe 1923, so a great deal changes both in lifestyle and fashion.

For the visit, I went with a simple adventurer chic look with Egyptian revival jewelry, as seriously I don’t do the Edwardian period or the 20s really. My 20s garments consist of more gowns, nothing for a casual afternoon at a museum. So, this is about as close as I get sometimes.

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It’s still hard for me to believe it’s mid-November, and that Thanksgiving next week. And with that comes thoughts of Christmas, so over the weekend Patrick and I went out to do a bit of shopping at the antique malls near us. I can honestly tell you I’m clinging to fall color palettes like crazy. I have so many ensembles that aren’t getting worn, let alone photographed for the blog! But, luckily we snagged the camera before stepping out the door so I can share this one with you!

Also over the weekend Patrick and I went to Universal Studios, so don’t be surprised if you spy a post about that soon!

Blouse: Thrifted
Gauchos: West of Texas, Redlands, California
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Earrings: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Anubis kartush pendent, and bracelet: From by dad
Scarab pendent: Expo, I think… I’ve seriously had it since I was like 12 or so.
Scarab ring: Antique Mall of Treasures, Orange, California
Scarf: The Clothes Horse, Eugene, Oregon
Purse: The Original Tiki Marketplace

Wonderful Things

Shortly after moving I heard that the San Diego National History Museum would be having a King Tut exhibit. As I love all things ancient Egyptian, I jumped at the opportunity, as San Diego is now only about an hour and a half away! So Patrick and I drove down and we met up with Carla, of Tiny Angry Crafter, who I spent a great deal of time with when I tagged along on Patrick’s San Diego business trip earlier this year.

The exhibit is actually a collection of recreations, showcasing detailed replicas of the items found in Tutankhamun’s tomb. While I was disappointed, I will admit that I completely understand that items of both historical importance and age cannot be jetted around the world, and handled with extreme frequency. I guess it just gives us one more excuse to visit Egypt one day.

After our visit to the museum, which also showcased dinosaur and skull exhibits, we snapped a few photos for our respective blogs, complete with silly adventurer shots.

Carla is hands down one of the most wonderful persons I have had the joy of meeting, and makes me so thankful for this blog, as I may not have met her without it! She’s a delight to be around, especially because we are so similar. We love vintage, Egypt, Disney, cosplay and being silly. I’m so happy we live just 90 miles away instead of 1,000 and look forward to more adventures together.

Sweater: Magpie, Portland, Oregon
Skirt and Brooch: Antique malls in California that I can’t remember! We stopped at so many during our road trips!
Earrings: AlexSandra’s Vintage Emporium, Portland, Oregon
Bangle, Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Oregon
Kartush Ring: Found by my dad
Purse: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Tights: Nordstorm Rack
Shoes: Miz Mooz

Antiques in the Park

Oh my, it has been awhile, hasn’t it? If you like Atomic Redhead on Facebook then you’ll have maybe seen the status update making note that I have been incredibly stressed out lately, which has lead to a lack of blogging. And while I have done some fun things (which you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram, and if you don’t follow me, just search for atomic_redhead) including going to the drive-in a few items, out to drinks and coloring (yeah, it’s a thing I hope to blog about soon!), the coast for a photoshoot for my friend’s cosplay business, and even to the kitsch-tastic Enchanted Forest for a friend’s birthday, I really just kind of wanted to relax and enjoy those events without really having to worry about photographing along the way for my blog. As much as I adore blogging, it can be an added stressor, as well as time consuming. Okay, enough with that. Let’s move onto something more pleasant! Treasures!

Over the weekend I drove down to Eugene to spend the weekend with my dad and go to a small antique show in the town of Brownsville. There wasn’t a whole lot with regards to clothing or jewelry, but I am okay with that, as both my closet and jewelry boxes are bursting at the seams! But I didn’t come home empty handed by any means!

I bought two ceramic planters, one shaped like a stagecoach and the other a donkey and a man taking a siesta.

I hardly have a green thumb, but I’ve been finding creative uses for vintage planters. Using them for make-up brushes, hair doodads (think Spanish style hair combs, or hair sticks) and I’m sure these two will find uses soon.

I picked up this ashtray from the Horseshoe Club in Vegas.

I’ve always loved vintage Vegas items, though my dad seems to love it more than me, and most treasures end up at his home, but this baby came home with me. Now, I don’t smoke, so you may be wondering what on earth I use vintage ashtrays for, and if you were to ever visit you would notice many of them scattered about our living room. I use them as coasters! Most of the circular, flat bottom ashtrays are the perfect size for glasses or cans of soda.

I was delighted to find this vintage California souvenir scarf too. I adore its bright colors and fun illustrations.

When rummaging through vintage charms I came across this delightful Egyptian sarcophagus pendant, which even opens! Alas, no mummy inside.

I also picked up some Christmas decor. Including two more of what I like to call demented reindeer and a little ceramic girl who matches this girl here (sixth photo down) though in a different pose.

And last but not least, I picked up a bundle of patterns. I have yet to go through them all, but I’m sure some will end up in my Etsy shop.

Speaking of my Etsy shop, it’s important to note that it will be going into Vacation Mode this Wednesday! Patrick and I are headed to California for a vacation at the end of the week. So if you are interested in any patterns, purchase them now! Especially if they are in the Last Chance section! As they may very well expire while I am out of town, and they will not be renewed.

Well, that wraps up the weekend. I hope to get a blog post in before Patrick and I hit the road! I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

July Expo

This weekend was one of the most anticipated events in my calendar, the summer antique show at the Portland Expo Center, aka Expo. While Expo happens three times a year (the other two shows being in March and October – learn more about Expo by visiting their website) the summer show is often the best, as there are 400 additional dealers, bringing the total number of dealers to 1,400. So when you see “Expo” listed as the source of an item in an outfit post, it came from one of three of these shows.

This show I had the goal of purchasing more turquoise jewelry and more Egyptian themed jewelry and I would say I was quite successful in those two areas. I also made a few additional purchases.

While walking down one of the many aisles at Expo we stumbled upon a table with loads of half-sheet size movie posters on it. I can never resist movie posters. Seriously. As I sifted through them I didn’t come across any titles I was familiar with, though my dad most certainly did, and most were of the late 60s and 70s B-movie variety. But then I stumbled upon a poster for one of my favorite movies, The Assassination Bureau. Now, I’m not sure what that means for the status of The Assassination Bureau…I mean, I guess it is a little hokey…but I do love it. It stars one of my biggest idols, Diana Rigg, some of you may know her from The Avengers, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and most recently Game of Thrones.

I was also thrilled to find most more barkcloth, as I’ve been going a bit pillow-making crazy lately (as you might have noticed if you follow me on Instagram). I was extra excited when I found a more abstract print, instead of the more traditional floral print.

While normally I am banned from buying glasses, I couldn’t resist this set of glasses depicting four of California’s missions, including Mission San Juan Bautista and Mission San Francisco de Asís, also known as Mission Dolores, both of which appear in Hitchcock’s masterpiece, Vertigo.

I also picked up two tooled leather purses. Though…like I need more? I mean come on, $10 a piece?

I was pleased to also add to my Egyptian jewelry collection with a scarab ring and scarab earrings.

I was bummed that I didn’t find much Egyptian jewelry that fit my quest of not buying necklaces. I told myself to focus on buying anything but necklaces, as I have so many necklace options, but most of what I stumbled upon were necklaces, and none were super amazing to me. But what I did buy a lot of was some gorgeous turquoise and sterling pieces of jewelry.

I purchased another sterling saddle ring, a much daintier one than the one I purchased in Bakersfield back in spring. This one in need of some polishing…

I also bought three sterling and turquoise rings.

But by and large, the best pieces I bought were a trio of Kachina sun face pieces – a bracelet, a brooch (which has a loop so it can also be worn as a pendant!) and a squash blossom necklace. All are a little different, but that’s what makes them interesting.

The squash blossom necklace is stunning and is a piece I am very happy to own. It’s also surprisingly light for how intricate it is.

But just because the summer Expo is over, doesn’t mean summer antique shows are over! Summer also offers three more antique shows, which I am greatly looking forward to.

Although right now I should be packing! I’m tagging along to Patrick’s business trip to San Diego. For all of my trips to California, I’ve never actually been to San Diego, mainly because most California trips end in the LA and outlaying areas because that’s where our family members are. I’m eager to go though because I’ll get to visit with Suzanne, of Sweetie Suz, who I’m eager to see again after the fun we had together at Tiki Day at Disneyland. I also get to meet up with Carla of Tiny Angry Crafter! There also appears to be loads of vintage shops and antique malls to visit and I’ve created a list and mapped out all the places I want to go. Hopefully I’ll blog from the hotel! Otherwise it’ll be when I get back!


While perusing Pinterest one day I came upon this photograph of Russian model Natalia Vodianova…

It was one of the first pins I pinned to my “Adventurer Style” board (a small, but incredibly inspiring board for me), and planted the seed that I needed to get my hands on a chiffon or gauze draped pith helmet. Not long after pinning this photo, I recalled the marvelous costumes of Nicole Kidman in Australia.

While all of Kidman’s costumes in Baz Luhrmann’s film were amazing, this one also highlighted the need for me to own a chiffon draped pith helmet, and this too was added to my board. Then last month I came across this image…

Not only did it feature yet another pith helmet (or at least a hat with similar pith helmet lines) dripping with fabric, the look of the woman was exactly the direction I wanted to go with portions of my wardrobe! I thought “My god! Who is this woman?” Thankfully the pinner offered the caption of “Adele Blanc-Sec” and from that I came upon the IMDb page for the French film The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec and a quick check at Netflix meant that the evening was spent watching what proved to be not only a beautiful film to watch, but a hilarious one at that. And further cemented the notion of my need for a pith helmet with chiffon.

Not long after watching Miss Blanc-Sec tromp through Egypt, talk with mummies and ride a pterodactyl (yes, you read right, ride a pterodactyl) I scored a pith helmet in the style I wanted, sans chiffon, at Antique Alley! And a quick trip to Fabric Depot remedied the lack of chiffon.

I am fully prepared to live in this outfit for summer. The gauzy top is pure heaven, and the linen skirt I made for a 20s themed party awhile back is so breathable, and worth the pain of the fact it wrinkles when you look at it wrong. I’ve been spending a lot more time when at thrift stores and Buffalo Exchange in looking through blouses and skirts. It takes more patience to look at items and think “Does this work for a certain look” instead of focusing on the age of the item, and I think it’s opening a lot more doors for me to think creatively with my wardrobe.

How about you? Have you ever been inspired to seek out specific pieces that you’ve seen on Pinterest?

Pith Helmet: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Blouse, Belt, Bangles & Necklace: Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Oregon
Skirt: Made by me, McCall 7153
Tights: Nordstorm Rack
Shoes: Red Light, Portland, Oregon
Purse: Don’t remember
Ring: From my dad

A Confession

The other night Patrick and I met up with our friend Stephen for drinks, to make up for the fact he couldn’t make it to my birthday dinner. The weather has been on the warmer side lately so I threw on a sleeveless linen dress with a new wrap…sweater…poncho…thing I bought. Which has it’s own story…A story that I am totally expecting flack for.

Shortly after my wardrobe woes post, I blogged about wanting to expand more upon the adventurer/Egyptologist chic portion of my wardrobe. One thing I was really desiring was a sweater, duster kind of thing…something with loose sleeves, no closures with some kind of pattern to it. I scoured racks at Buffalo Exchange during my nearly weekly trips hauling in stuff to sell after my closet clean out, and plowed through the racks of thrift stores, sifted through antique malls, and attempted searches on Etsy, but all to no avail. Then one afternoon I was downtown to meet Patrick after work and walked by Forever 21 only to see exactly what I wanted in their window. I was really irritated. Like really. I hadn’t stepped foot in a Forever 21 since college, and the idea of going in really upset me, especially after reading Overdressed. With a big sigh I walked into the glittering white store and in a short period of time found the knitted shrug. As I took it off the rack, I hoped it would look horrible on me, so I wouldn’t be tempted to buy it. But it didn’t. Ugh. It was perfect.  Then I spied a skirt that looked similar to something I saw a celebrity (who shall remain nameless at this time) wearing, and I thought “Gosh, that is actually really cute! But I could never wear anything like that.” But after trying it on, I really liked it too. Though unsure of how comfortable I would feel wearing it in public. At $16.95, the skirt wouldn’t be a total loss if after one wearing I couldn’t handle it, and if I did love it, I could seek a better one later. And as of right now, I adore this sweater thing (I seriously have no idea what to call it!) and have worn my skirt once already and really dig it and am actively seeking a more ethically made one. Yes, I still feel pretty darn guilty about giving Forever 21 my money, as I believe we vote with our dollar, but also this was my first visit in years, and I really plan not to repeat any time soon. Sigh. Now you all know my dirty little secret.

I would also like to say that, while I am in love with this, I’m still actively seeking out a higher quality piece that is of the same vein. I know the damage of buying from Fovever 21 is done, but, unlike better quality pieces, I know this item won’t last a long time. My style and tastes last longer than that of the fast fashion world, and will be sad if and when the day comes that this item begins to unravel. So if you see something similar, please shoot me a message with a link! If it’s something that Evy from The Mummy would wear, then bets are I’ll want to wear it.

Sweater: Begrudgingly from Forever 21
Dress: Bombshell Vintage, Portland, Oregon
Belt: Red Light, Portland Oregon
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Purse: Expo
Isis Earrings: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Anubis Kartush and Kartush and Anhk Bracelet: From my dad