I Brake for Vintage Neon

Throughout our entire trip there was lots of yelling “I’m pulling over!” or “Pull over!” depending on who was driving. Sometimes it was quite frantic. I have been called “dramatic” at times. But I just can’t help myself when I see a good vintage neon sign! And boy were there a lot of good ones! Some were attached to businesses still operating, others abandoned. So, in my last road trip post I share a collection of all of the gorgeous signs we saw, plus a few images of their accompanying buildings if the were pretty neat looking too!

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Abandoned along the Highway

As mentioned in my post about Rock-a-Hoola, I love photographing abandoned locations, and we stumbled upon quite a few during our road trip, dotted in between tiny towns, and miles of fields. So here is quite the picture heavy post of what happens when buildings get left behind…

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Warhawk Air Museum

Yesterday I returned from Idaho after visiting for my grandmother’s services.  The weekend included going through my grandmother’s belongings, sorting items to be donated, and ones that I, my mother, my aunt or my cousin wanted.  The amount I ended up taking home proved to be quite a lot, and thus had to be shipped.  So, I should be receiving several packages within the next few days, full of items I want to share.  But in the meantime…on Sunday we were able to visit the Warhawk Air Museum.

The museum, while no Smithsonian, has a wonderful collection of air and wartime related artifacts, most coming from locals in the Nampa and Bosie areas.  The museum’s main focus was WWII, but had items from WWI, Korea, and Vietnam.

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