Abandoned along the Highway

As mentioned in my post about Rock-a-Hoola, I love photographing abandoned locations, and we stumbled upon quite a few during our road trip, dotted in between tiny towns, and miles of fields. So here is quite the picture heavy post of what happens when buildings get left behind…

The next 11 photos are from what remains of the town of Thistle, established in 1883. One hundred years later, with a dwindling population of 50, it suffered from a massive landslide that took out most of the town, and flooded other parts of it.

While standing taking photos we suddenly heard that gentle, but ominous sound of small rocks tumbling down, and we looked up the hillside and spied at least a dozen dear walking precariously along the hill.

The remaining photos are a selections from places we saw and pulled over to photograph throughout our road trip.

Stay tuned for one more post from our road trip! One that is a collection of all of the amazing signs we saw! Including one of the most fantastic signs I have ever seen!

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