Mad for Boysenberry!

For Easter Sunday, Patrick and I returned to Knott’s Berry Farm to enjoy the sights, sounds, and treats of Boysenberry Festival again. I also finally finished my boysenberry parasol!

During Boysenberry Festival I had the absolute pleasure of meeting J. Eric Lynxwiler, one of the authors of Knott’s Preserved, an amazing book about the history of Knott’s Berry Farm, and which I keep meaning to write a review of! Lynxwilder is a wealth of information when it comes to Knott’s, and he taught me so many wonderful new things about the park, giving me an even greater appreciation. His passion for not only Knott’s, but history in general shines through when he talks, and his is a joy to chat with. Plus, both times I bumped into him, he had the most spectacular boysenberry themed ensembles. I mean, just look at this custom-made boysenberry western wear shirt he had on!

Since Knott’s brought back the melodrama at the Bird Cage, Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies were kicked over to the Wagon Camp during the Festival, which I thought was really neat, as the Wagon Camp was original created for music acts and square dancing.  The Wagonmasters were among the most notable and regular of the performers at the Wagon Camp, and it’s wonderful that the Hillbillies can follow in their footsteps. Over the years though the desire for thrills encroached on the Wagon Camp, and today part of the rollercoaster Silver Bullet winds through part of the Wagon Camp. Although at times it makes for amusing stage antics, as sometimes Kirk would scream back at the riders.

Sadly, Boysenberry Festival has come to a close, and while I’m bummed to see all of the wonderful and unique treats leave, it means it’s just a few more weeks until Ghost Town Alive returns!

Boysenberry Pie Fascinator: Miss Doolittle’s
Peasant Top: Pin-up Girl Clothing
Skirt: Stray Cat Vintage, Fullerton, California
Boots: Buffalo Exchange
Tooled Leather Purse: I don’t remember…
Earrings: Belonged to my grandmother
Boysenberry Festival Pin and Bracelet: Knott’s Berry Farm
Calico Pin and Parasol: Made by me

Birthday Cowgirl

It’s my birthday! And what a proper day to share what I did to celebrate my birthday! So even though my birthday is today, Dapper Day is this weekend, and I knew most of my friends would be attending that, I also wanted to do a get-together at Knott’s Berry Farm, which is exactly what we did last weekend.

We really lucked out, as it was still Boysenberry Festival, so many of my friends were excited to try all of the unique boysenberry offerings, including the boysenberry cream soda, that is made by hand. We gave the gal working quite the work out when ten of us came in and each ordered one.

We also attended the various fun shows that are offered during Boysenberry Festival, like the new melodrama at the Bird Cage Theatre, Snoopy’s Boysenberry Jamboree, and of course my favorite, Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies.

One thing I had yet to do at Knott’s was their Pitcher Gallery (yes, “pitcher”) where guests can dress up like cowboys, cowgirls, proper ladies and gentlemen, and my favorite, saloon girls. So I convinced my gal pals to do a group saloon girl photo.

Patrick and I returned to Knott’s to spend Easter, and continued eating all of the wonderful Boysenberry Festival treats! So stay tuned for that post!

Dress: Decades, Salt Lake City, Utah
Shoes: Re-Mix
Western Charm Bracelet: Built by me over the years
Rhinestone Horseshoe Ring: Disneyland
“Howdy!” Purse: Birthday gift

Ghost Town Alive!

Is there ever something you keep meaning to blog about, but you just keep never getting around to it until it’s almost too late? That has been happening to me all summer with Knott’s Berry Farm‘s Ghost Town 75th anniversary celebration. Yes, 75 years ago, Walter Knott created his Ghost Town, using a combination of actual old west buildings, and ones he and his team built from the ground up. And I’ve gone a handful of times over summer, but just never got around to taking all of the photos I wanted to to share their unique celebration with you! Which there are loads of photos of! Yes, this is quite the picture heavy post!

When Ghost Town opened to the public in 1941, it was designed as a way to entertain guests awaiting their table at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner, where they sometimes had to wait up to three or four hours, but it soon blossomed into what is considered America’s first theme park. Knott and his team of talented artists breathed life into the buildings by furnishing them not just with antiques of the period, but with amazing hand carved wood mannequins, and guests could peek into the buildings and see a full scene going on. Hence they were named “peek ins”. But when the 75th anniversary came, Knott’s Berry Farm decided to truly bring Ghost Town to life with real life citizens, such as the mayor, school teacher, doctor, newspaper man, and even a gang, along with many more wonderful and colorful citizens, and allow guests to finally enter the peek ins! Also, each citizen has stories that play out over the course of the day. They use the guests to help these stories blossom, including asking them to deliver letters, packages, join a posse, and even vote for the next mayor, all ending in a rousing hoedown at the evening!

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Knott’s Boysenberry Festival

For the last two weeks Knott’s Berry Farm has been celebrating its annual Boysenberry Festival. As a fan of all things boysenberry, I had to go! The list of unique boysenberry dishes was quite long, and it actually took two visits for us to eat all that we wanted to. But the fun didn’t end with food, Ghost Town offered fun boysenberry themed games, along with some talented musicians.

Patrick and I had a lot of fun sharing the multitude of special boysenberry flavored things. My favorite was the “Fun Stick” which was, get ready…deep fried cheesecake on a stick with boysenberry sauce. It was for sure one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten!

Boysenberry Festival ends on the third, but Knott’s is still always a good place to get a boysenberry fix. Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant closed for the first time since it opened in 1934 earlier this year, and is slated to re-open sometime this spring, and I’m pretty excited to see what renovations they did.

I hope your April is off to a good start and you didn’t fall for any April Fool’s Day jokes!

Blouse: Bohemian Vintage (now Yours), Portland, Oregon
John Wolf Textiles Western Town Skirt: VintageCritter
Vintage Knott’s Berry Farm Charm Bracelet & Tooled Leather Purse: Found by my dad!
Cowboy Brooch: Classic Hardware
Boots: Buffalo Exchange
Vintage Knott’s Berry Farm Fan: Antique Depot, Orange, California

Christmastime is Here

Disneyland isn’t the only theme park celebrating the holidays this season, Universal Studios and Knott’s Berry Farm also get into the holiday spirit, and over the weekend we popped over to Knott’s as they were offering a promotion where if you bought your 2016 season pass, you received one day in 2015 for free, and as we had so much fun last time at Knott’s, we thought we would get a pass for the following year, while spending the day seeing how they did the holidays.

We spent most of the day seeing the various shows at Knott’s, including the Calico Saloon Christmas Show, “Christmas Time is Here, Charlie Brown”, the “Merry Christmas, Snoopy” ice show, and, my favorite, Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies (formerly known as Billy Hill and the Hillbillies when they played at Disneyland).

Like I’ve said before, and as I will say many more times, I’m sure, but I really do love Knott’s and its incredibly humble beginnings. It gets a lot of flack, but mostly because Disneyland is right next door pretty much, but it has a lot of heritage, and the Ghost Town is just so wonderful, and downright adorable. It’s fun to watch blacksmiths and spinners at work, and walk among real old west buildings, so I’m very much looking forward to next year, when the Ghost Town celebrates its 75th anniversary, and in spring when the Boysenberry Festival begins!

Fringe Leather Jacket: Red Light, Portland, Oregon
Canyon County (where my mother is from!) Sheriff’s Posse Shirt: Buffalo Exchange
String Tie: I don’t remember…
Jeans: Freddies of Pinewood
Mocs: Minnetonka
Tooled Leather Purse: Found by my dad, I think…
Hat and Gloves: Disneyland