Christmastime is Here

Disneyland isn’t the only theme park celebrating the holidays this season, Universal Studios and Knott’s Berry Farm also get into the holiday spirit, and over the weekend we popped over to Knott’s as they were offering a promotion where if you bought your 2016 season pass, you received one day in 2015 for free, and as we had so much fun last time at Knott’s, we thought we would get a pass for the following year, while spending the day seeing how they did the holidays.

We spent most of the day seeing the various shows at Knott’s, including the Calico Saloon Christmas Show, “Christmas Time is Here, Charlie Brown”, the “Merry Christmas, Snoopy” ice show, and, my favorite, Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies (formerly known as Billy Hill and the Hillbillies when they played at Disneyland).

Like I’ve said before, and as I will say many more times, I’m sure, but I really do love Knott’s and its incredibly humble beginnings. It gets a lot of flack, but mostly because Disneyland is right next door pretty much, but it has a lot of heritage, and the Ghost Town is just so wonderful, and downright adorable. It’s fun to watch blacksmiths and spinners at work, and walk among real old west buildings, so I’m very much looking forward to next year, when the Ghost Town celebrates its 75th anniversary, and in spring when the Boysenberry Festival begins!

Fringe Leather Jacket: Red Light, Portland, Oregon
Canyon County (where my mother is from!) Sheriff’s Posse Shirt: Buffalo Exchange
String Tie: I don’t remember…
Jeans: Freddies of Pinewood
Mocs: Minnetonka
Tooled Leather Purse: Found by my dad, I think…
Hat and Gloves: Disneyland

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