Full of Yuletide Cheer

While millions were out searching for deals on Black Friday, Patrick and I went to Disneyland to get into the Christmas spirit, do a bit of gift shopping, and say “Hi” to a few characters.

As for our place, it’s all decorated for the holidays, have been for about a week or so. Took about a week to get up actually. I used to wait until after Thanksgiving, but I simply can’t anymore! How about you? Are you the type who decorates for the holidays before or after Thanksgiving?

Sweater: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Skirt & Penny Loafers: Buffalo Exchange
Belt: Nordstorm
Bangles: Here and there…
49’er & Scarf: Don’t remember…
Pin: Disneyland’s Holiday Time Tour, 2014
Purse: Christmas gift from Patrick last year

5 thoughts on “Full of Yuletide Cheer

  1. We decorated on Tuesday (so just a few days before) because I was super excited this year though usually we wait until after. I love Christmas and don’t really care for Thanksgiving so I don’t mind getting started a bit early.

  2. Your Black Friday at Disneyland looks like it was a lot of fun! I love the photo of you walking with Goofy, it’s very sweet.
    This might be the first year I’ve given much thought to decorating. I’m definitely getting some lights, and I’d like to get a small tree as well. My apartment is too small for much, but I’d like to have a little touch of Christmas.

  3. Awesome (!) Christmas inspired outfit. I love dark green and red together like this and reach for it often each December, too. Like you guys, we were out having fun and exploring Vancouver this weekend, not focusing on Black Friday sales or the like.

    Happy holiday season wishes!!!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Lovely outfit. Glad to hear you have decorated for Christmas. Me and my husband are both teachers so the end of the semester (December) is so busy for us, that we sometimes don’t even get our tree up until Christmas Eve, sad right. Well this year we made a conscious decision to get it up early and actually had it up before Thanksgiving, and it’s really lifted my sprits seeing it every day.

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