Thanksgiving at Clifton’s

When Patrick and I heard that Clifton’s was doing a special Thanksgiving meal we instantly decided that is what we were going to do for the holiday. I’m not a huge Thanksgiving person, but that could be a post in itself, so I’ll spare you, and let’s move onto what I wore, and more gorgeous details that can be found inside this historic restaurant.


This last photo is actually a miniature of what the very first Clifton’s, known as Clifton’s Pacific Seas, looked like on the outside. Yes, it had an insane cascading waterfall (take a peek at this vintage photo). And inside it was gorgeously themed to the Pacific Islands with lush tropical plants and more water features!

I hope my fellow American readers had a lovely Thanksgiving, if you chose to celebrate, and to my non-American readers, I hope you had a lovely Thursday!

Dress & Purse: Red Light, Portland, Oregon
Corn Necklace, Jacket, & Algernon the Fox: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Bangles: Buffalo Exchange
Fox Brooch: Gift
Hat: Portland Expo
Shoes: Thrifted

19 thoughts on “Thanksgiving at Clifton’s

  1. I don’t like Thanksgiving either. While mine certainly wasn’t as glamourous as yours, I did have a nice relaxing one (no drama! yay!). You look so delightful! Perhaps this will be your new Thanksgiving tradition. 😀

    • I wore Algernon, and his brother, Earnest the muff, out in Portland, even on MAX! I was only yelled at once, by a rather crazy looking woman. I wore loads of fur when I lived in Portland (it gets too cold sometimes not to!), and was only yelled at that one time.

      Are you familiar with Sarah over at Simply Vintage Portland? She has another Sara (though note, without the H) who works in her shop, and she is a big lover of the fur. I believe her comeback is “It’s been dead longer than you have been alive.” or something to that effect.

      • Ha! I love that comeback. Oh yes, Sarah and her shop are great. I’ve gotten away with wearing fur collars, but so far I haven’t been brave enough to take out anything that has a face, even though those tend to be my favorites.

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