Practically Perfect

Over the weekend Patrick and I attended the Downtown Anaheim Art Crawl. The highlight was that Pop Comics hosted a Mary Poppins themed gallery featuring works by local artists, including some friends. I don’t own a lot of Mary Poppins themed garments or jewelry, with the exception of a vintage Mary Poppins charm bracelet, so I revolved my outfit around it.

Coat: Red Fox Vintage, Portland, Oregon
Blouse and Purse: Buffalo Exchange
Skirt: Pinup Girl Clothing
Tights: Target
Shoes: Re-Mix
Mary Poppins Charm Bracelet: I don’t remember…
D Brooch: Match Accessories

A Jolly Holiday

It wasn’t just my friend’s birthday over the weekend, but Dick Van Dyke’s as well! Everyone’s favorite  chimney sweep turned 90, and he celebrated at the Happiest Place on Earth. He performed live in New Orleans Square, singing songs from Mary Poppins, which was quite the treat! Later he had his own small parade down Main Street USA before arriving at Main Street Station where Guests sang “Happy Birthday”. Guests were encouraged to dress up at chimney sweeps, but I went in a different direction, being inspired by the “Jolly Holiday” sequence of Mary Poppins.

It’s been quite the week between last weekend and this weekend. Patrick and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary by spending the night at the Disneyland Hotel and dining at Steakhouse 55, then Thursday we spent the entire day at the El Capitan for their Star Wars marathon, leading up to the showing of The Force Awakens (when I say “entire day” I mean it! Arriving at 10 pm Wednesday night, and leaving at just before 10 Thursday night!), and then just last night we went to Charles Phoenix‘s Retro Holiday Slide Show at Smoke Tree Ranch. Sadly I don’t have any real photos to share with all of you from the events, but it puts into perspective just how busy we have been!

I hope your holiday season is going well! I’ve been lagging in my Christmas card writing this year due to all that we have been doing, and I am looking forward to what I hope to be a relaxing Christmas week ahead, as we don’t have much going on that week. At least, so far!

Boater: Garage Sale
Red & White 3 Piece Suit & Blouse: Thrifted
Shoes: Miz Mooz
Bow: I don’t remember…
Pin: Disneyland

The Disneyland Skirt Makes Its Debut

Friday was our first day of three that we spent in the Disneyland Park and my special Disneyland Skirt made its debut and boy was it a coming out party it was.

I had guests and cast members alike comment on it, and countless people (some asked, others didn’t) took my picture.  A few questions asked were “Did you make it?” “How long did it take you?” “Are you on Etsy?” “Can I have it?”.  While taking photos near the Tea Cups, I had a cast member who operated the Storybook Land Canal Boats come up to us who said “We think your skirt is epically epic, and we wanted to give you something.” and she presented me with a little clear plastic Cinderella shoe!

In the late morning, we decided we wanted to try to do the classic Mickey flower picture near the entrance, only to find the Disneyland Band, the Mad Hatter and Alice dancing with some guests.  We turned around to leave, and heard the Mad Hatter calling out “You! YOU! Come back here!” I turned back to see him running toward me, and he grabbed my hand and brought me back over to the area and began dancing with me.  When I began my purse was flying all over, and as I broke away to leave it on the bricks, he took it from me and gave it to Alice for her to hold, who pouted for awhile, but as you can see in the pictures she began digging though it!

Around lunchtime we met with my cousin, Matt, who used to work at the park.  We sat down to a lovely lunch at the new Jolly Holiday Bakery & Cafe, inspired by the classic film Mary Poppins.  The restaurant has many adorable Mary Poppins details, including a weathervane shaped like Marry Poppins, penguin stained glass windows and silhouettes of characters.  It was wonderful chit-chatting more with Matt, who shared funny stories about his time at Disneyland.  I hope to see more of him again if we return in November.

During the day, one of the Disneyland photographers approached me.  She enjoyed my skirt so much and took loads of photos which we viewed and purchased later that evening at the Kodak shop along Main Street.

We also did my new favorite activity – having our silhouettes made!  We once again sat down with Bonnie, a cast member who has been doing silhouettes for nearly 40 years.  She does fantastic work, and is done within a minute!

As evening came, it got cold, and I changed into a pair of pants I brought with me – so remember gals, if you are planning on dressing fancy, be sure to bring a change of clothes, just in case!

More photos to come! Stay tuned!