Charm Bracelet Collection Vol. 4

Welcome to the fourth and final volume in my charm bracelet collection! This volume will be all about my pre-made Disney themed charm bracelets. In my very first post I showcased a Disney themed charm bracelet I was working on, one of made of individual sterling silver charms, however the majority of pre-made charm bracelets are made from cheaper metal or in one case, brass. Most are vintage, while a few are new. Some feature characters from Disney films, while others tie in with Disneyland.

What better charm bracelet to start off a Disney themed charm bracelet than one featuring the title characters from Walt Disney’s first ever feature length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

I actually have two of this charm bracelet, but this one is the better of the two, as much of the paint is intact, while my other one has very little paint remaining, and it is the one that gets worn. This one however was a gift from the lovely Julie of FabGabs Vintage.

This next charm bracelet I believe is newer, but it’s still a classic, as it features the “Fab Five.”

I found this next charm bracelet at a thrift store and was elated when I spied it! I didn’t even know that a Jungle Book charm bracelet existed!

Later I learned there were both an enamel painted version that could be purchased, and a version that was a promotion through Kleenex, which is likely what this one was part of.

Disney’s live action films were also made into charm bracelets, as showcased by this Mary Poppins charm bracelet.

I have also seen a That Darn Cat charm bracelet, however it was more than I wanted to spend, but I would love to get my hands on one one of these days!

But perhaps my favorite Disney charm bracelet is one that was fashioned after the Zorro TV show.

Sadly, my charm bracelet has a broken charm, and I would gladly love to own another, but whenever I find one on-line to purchase they are also so expensive, and I have never seen one in person at an antique shop or show. A Davy Crockett charm bracelet was also produced, once again, one I would simply love to own!

Disney’s films and TV shows weren’t the only Disney subject matter to find themselves as charm bracelets. Disneyland and its attractions also became charm bracelets.

When Disneyland turned 60 they made this adorable charm bracelet that spelled out Disneyland and featured one of their 60th designs.

I was overjoyed when I found this “it’s a small world” charm bracelet at Expo one year. It was quite the surprise to find! I often wonder if it was made during and for the 1964 World’s Fair when the ride debuted, or after the ride was moved to Disneyland.

One of my favorite (now gone from the Disneyland Resort) attractions is Tower of Terror. So I loved that Match Accessories created this charm bracelet.

That wraps up sharing my collection! Well, my collection so far that is! Let me know if there is a way you wish for me to continue sharing my collection as it grows, like every time I get five or so new charm bracelets do a post? Other ideas?

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