Charm Bracelet Collection Vol. 2

Welcome to the second installment of my Charm Bracelet Collection! In Volume One I shared my personal charm bracelets, which are bracelets that I have built up over the years with charms I have found. Today I am sharing pre-made charm bracelets. The wonderful thing about pre-made charm bracelets is that they often already have a theme, which is what I wanted when I started to get into charm bracelets.

Pre-made charm bracelets are typically made of a cheap metal commonly called as “pot metal” as opposed to sterling silver. I have one exception within my collection.

This is an extremely picture heavy post! While I wanted to showcase a detail or two from every charm bracelet, I decided not to for a few, because there are just so many!

You will notice that some charm bracelets have broken or missing charms, and while it’s a bummer, it never deters me from buying a charm bracelet if it is reasonably priced, especially if it’s one I don’t have! You’ll also notice that some bracelets feature only one charm, which was a trend.

I love a good western or Mexican themed charm bracelet, and I’ve had the joy of finding several different ones over the years.

I thought the above charm bracelet was really unique in that it used both metal and wood. The wooden sombreros also match a necklace I have.

The next bracelet is one of my newer ones. I am fairly selective about new charm bracelets, but I just adored the vintage vibe of this one and the detail on the cowgirl! It is boy Ollipop and available for purchase here, along with amazing charm bracelets. I am deeply in love with the Egyptian one, but have yet to bring myself to dish the dough for it!

I then have a handful of more just Native American themed charm bracelets, some of which feature more southwestern or Mexican elements.

The above charm bracelet I thought was so funny because all of the charms feature donkeys! And I adore donkeys!

The next charm bracelet is my only sterling one for this pre-made collection, and it features detailed mariachi.

I feel like music makes for a good theme for a charm bracelet, since there is so much variety within music, which is why I loved this band themed charm bracelet, which ends in a dancing couple, that my dad found.

Musicians themselves were also the subject matter of charm bracelets. I found these next two charm bracelets, and Elvis one and a Liberace one, each on their original cards, at the Dapper Day Expo this last spring.

For the most part I purchase charm bracelets at antique malls, antique shows, flea markets, and , vintage clothing stores, but every so often I see a charm bracelet on someone or hear about it, and I just have to get my hands on one! This was the case for the next charm bracelet. Shortly after Adam West died, my friend Danielle posted a picture of her 1960s Batman themed charm bracelet. I nearly lost it! I had never seen or even heard of this! And I am a massive 60s Batman fan! I immediately went on Ebay to find myself one and did! The bracelet features Batman, Robin, and the villains, Penguin, Riddler, and the Joker. It is truly a 1966 piece as the Batman charm itself reflect a photo of West that was used on the cover of Life.

Oddly enough I once joked about wanting a 60s Batman themed charm bracelet when I was found a charm that was a bust of William Shakespeare, which for those who don’t know, is what the button that opens the doors to the Batcave is hidden in.

These next two new charm bracelets, but play into my love of Harry Potter. I spied this first one at Target of all places, and just had to get it, especially since I had plans to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.

But what I didn’t know is that there was another Harry Potter themed charm bracelet out there! And one of my friends got it for me for my birthday! It plays on the idea of coin style charm bracelets, and features the fictional coins that the wizarding world uses!

Another strange thing I collect is memorabilia from the 1964 presidential race, which was between Lyndon B. Johnson and Barry Goldwater. It produced some very unique items, including this amazing charm bracelet!

During World War II, it wasn’t uncommon to have military themed jewelry, known as “sweetheart jewelry.” But for the most part military themed jewelry faded away after the war ended, which is why I was kind of surprised to find this army themed charm bracelet, which I think is likely from the late 50s or early 60s.

Another uniquely themed charm bracelet that I have is a police themed one. Coincidentally enough my dad, a recently retired police officer, found this for me.

I really thought the above charm bracelet was adorable, as it was a timeline of telephones through the years, and I remember scoring it for only $8.00!

This next one I always thought was cute, if not a little funny though. It features a Coca-Cola bottle, a transistor radio, hot dog, and record. It was gifted to me with a collection of vintage jewelry.

Not all charm bracelets used metal, this tiki themed charm bracelet is odd in that it is a woven bracelet with charms made of a resin like material and green rhinestone eyes.

The last two charm bracelets are a little more pedestrian. Although I don’t have cats, I love them and loved this charm bracelet of rather large cats.

This next one was one I received as a gift. What makes it interesting is that the box actually opens! My friend left a small treasure inside it for me.

That brings us to the end of this installment of my charm bracelet collection! Next time I’ll showcase pre-made souvenir charm bracelets. These bracelets feature charms that are specific to a location.

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