Brownsville Antique Show

Shop in the shadeThis morning my dad and I drove out to Brownsville to go to their annual antique show.  Previously, the show has been held on the town’s streets around its antique shops, however, since the show has grown to include more dealers, they moved the show into the park area, which provided a lot of shade.   There were a few familiar faces, as well as many new ones, plus loads of great deals!

The Finds

Bowling Charm Bracelet

Bowling BeautyThere’s a guy who sells purely jewelry, and I’ve bought some stuff from him in the past, this year I found this wonderful bowling charm bracelet with a girl bowling and ten pins.  It is unmarked.  A wonderful $7.00 find.

Stockings Lot

3 pair of $12.00At every antique show and flea market there is that one person who is continuously unpacking, and you end up digging through boxes.  Well, at that particular booth, I found several pairs of fully-fashioned seamed (FFS) stockings. First is a pair by Florice Hosiery in a wonderful art deco box.  I love the three lines in the shadow welt.  Next is a pair of Foto Fan stockings, still sealed in their plastic. I find the box for these most interesting since the image is of the Houdon statue of George Washington in Richmond Virginia.  What George Washington and stockings have to do with each other, I’ll never know! And last, but not least, a box-less pair that read “Full Fashioned Knit of Dupont Nylon, that also have a nametag of Eden Grace stitched in them.  So, Eden, if you’re out there, I have your stockings!  I paid $12.00 for the lot (equating to $4.00 a pair), a little more than I wanted to spend, but not out of line.

Toni Tyler Dress

Adorable $3 findLastly, we have the grand find of the day, a $3.00 2-piece dress.  Yes, you read right, THREE DOLLARS!  I couldn’t believe it either, especially after I misread a pricetag for $10, not $110.  It is navy blue and pale pink with faux buttons up the front and a tie collar and has a tag reading Toni Tyler (more photos available on Flickr).  I am unsure of the fabric, I think it may be silk.  It has a side zipper, which I find incredibly annoying, shoulder pads (which makes me think it’s from the ’40s) and pockets.  I haven’t found much on Toni Tyler dresses, just this dress, which has a price tag of $119.

Overall, Brownsville was well worth the drive, since it’s always a beautiful place to just go check out.  They also hold an annual Stand By Me cruise-in, since it is where they filmed the movie.  The town also offers up quaint architecture and good ice cream.

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