Shopping Vintage in Eugene

Eugene, Oregon, aka Track Town USA, is home to the University of Oregon, and some swell vintage clothing stores, and most are within just a few blocks of each other, so it’s easy to “make the rounds”.

Nobody’s Baby

You'll love Nobody's Baby, baby!Located at 365 E. 13th Ave., Nobody’s Baby is not only a vintage clothing store, but a costume rental outlet offering top of the line costumes. Their prices are pretty reasonable too. They also carry stuff that is new, but looks old, especially in terms of their lingerie. Nobody’s Baby also offers mens and women’s clothing. Visit them on Yelp.

Eugene Jeans

More than just jeansJust down the road from Nobody’s Baby is Eugene Jeans. Run by a Frisbee Golf enthusiast, Eugene Jeans, located on 132 E. 13th Ave., is more filled more with 1970s clothing than that of the 40s or 50s. Tim carries a wide range though, from vintage swimsuits to Converse, Eugene Jeans is a further step down from Nobody’s Baby in terms of quality, but he also has better prices. Again, both mens and women’s fashion is offered. Visit them on Yelp.

Oak Street Vintage

Oak Street offers more than clothingJust two blocks away from Eugene Jeans is Oak Street Vintage, located at 1409 Oak St. Unlike the other mentioned stores which turn most of their attention to mostly clothing, Oak Street also offers some furniture (a lot of Hey-Wake) and ephemera. As for pricing, Oak Street is hit and miss – sometimes their stuff seems way under the market, other times, way over.Their clothing is both mens and women’s and often pretty good quality. Visit their website. UPDATE: The above is an old picture. Oak Street Vintage has moved to 500 Olive St.

I hope this entry was of help to those in Eugene or who plan to visit Eugene sometime soon.

It should be also noted that the neighboring towns of Springfield and Coburg also offer wonderful antique malls, many of which include vintage clothing.

UPDATE: I have since moved away from Eugene, and out of the state of Oregon altogether, so much of this could be out of date. I highly recommend looking to Yelp for confirming shops, hours, and locations.

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