Bee's Barn Show

Proper forest of sparkle and shine!Tomorrow brings the annual Coburg Antique Fair. Going hand-in-hand with that is the First Annual Bee’s Barn Antique Show about nine miles north of Eugene. Running three days, my dad and I checked it out today and we purchased six aluminum Christmas trees. One seven footer, one six and a half foot, two six footers, and two four footers, all bright, all in good to excellent condition. For about five years now, we’ve been buying up reasonably priced aluminum trees, and prior to this purchase, we already owned six, never paying more than $65 for one. All being sold from the same person, each was priced from $25 to $65, and totaled $230 if we bought all at their tagged price, the result of the deal: $150! It took us 45 minutes to take them down and pack them all away ourselves, but was well worth it.

The show itself was relatively small, with only 20 or so dealers, free admission and parking. I also found this charm bracelet:

A Telephone Timeline

You read that tag right, a mere $6.00! Each charm is a different telephone, and they go in order (although a little backwards); on the right is the “modern” pushbutton Princess style phone, and it moves down the line until it ends with Bell’s original telephone design.

So, if you swing into Coburg tomorrow for their big show, make the extra drive to check out this little show, I’m sure it’ll be worth your while! Check back tomorrow for finds from the show!

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