From Mom's Closet

Thankfully, my mom doesn’t throw out a whole lot, this includes many of her clothing from her high school and college days. When my mom came to visit yesterday she filled my request for her to bring some of her dresses for me to wear. She brought three, all in perfect condition of course.

Homemade Plaid Jumper

A homemade treasureThis fun dress was homemade by my mom’s sister, Carol. Making ones own dresses was still commonplace through the 1970s (back when HomeEc was still offered in middle and high schools) and both my mom and Carol made dresses, and often exchanged items, since they were similar sizes.

This dress is very loose and has fake pockets with a chain connecting the two buttons along the classic 1960s dropped waist.

Plum Carol Brent Dress

Shortened to get that mini look!This one is my favorite out of the three. This little number my mom purchased out of a Montgomery Wards catalog in 1969-70. The tag reads “Carol Brent” (image available on Flickr), which was one of the women’s brands for the store, offering shoes, stockings, slips, blouses, fur collars, and skirts. The store also offered a child’s doll bearing the same name.

Slimming in both fit and color, the dress was shortened by my mom by about four inches! I couldn’t believe it! It also bears a dropped waist.

Sealsle Fashions Plaid Jumper

Ready for a 1960s fallThis dress was originally Carol’s, but my mom ended up with it when she went away to college. So my mom doesn’t remember where it was purchased.

I just love how this dress screams “autumn” with its colors and pattern.

The tag reads “Sealse Fashions”. I’ve never heard of it prior, and couldn’t dig up anything on the internet.So if you have any information on this brand, I would be very interested!

I’m so glad my mom kept these, they are in fantastic condition, fit wonderfully, and didn’t cost me a cent! Thanks, Mom!

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