October PDX Palmer-Wirf Show

Hunters on the prowl in PortlandThis weekend brought the third and final of the Palmer-Wirf antique shows at Portland’s Expo Center. This one is always a good one since it’s the last show before the holidays (ever since they got rid of the show at the Portland Convention Center), so dealers have great vintage Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas items. I headed up to get there when doors opened at nine, and what a crowded show! Seriously, there’s a recession on? Those in the antique world don’t seem to notice…With over 1000 booths full of postcards, vintage clothing, oak bookcases, books, and other goodies, Expo is an orgy of things gone by. Quite literally at times, you’re often pressed up against others to peek into booths. As for myself, I purchased 36 glass Christmas ornaments, all of them at a dollar a piece. I need loads more since purchasing the six additional aluminum trees. Speaking of those, there were at least nine at the show. The cheapest was $32.00, and the most expensive one, $165.00. I also bought three vintage skinny ties for Patrick and the following…

Vintage 1960s Grey Wool Dress

The Girl in the Grey Wool DressThis dress sadly bears no tag, but I think it may be handmade based upon the cutting of the fabric as well as the stitching. However, there are thread loops for a belt, which I find interesting for a handmade dress. It has interesting pleats in the skirt portion and tapers up nicely in the strap area. I love the simplistic lines of it, which make it elegant, but the fabric gives it a more casual feel. I’m guessing it’s early 1960s based on the cut of the skirt. It’s a fuller skirt, not as pencil like as seen in the later 60s pieces.

A bargain at $10.00 – I couldn’t pass it up.





Reissued Hamilton Electric Ventura

I just bit the bullet.So here’s where all my money went…I spent $300.00 on this baby. And, yes, it is gold plated. Introduced in 1957, Hamilton Venturas were the first electric (battery powered, not wind-up) watch, as well as the first asymmetrical watch, plus, they were the premier watch to have. I’ve had the desire to own one of these for sometime, and checked out Amazon where they cost around $650.00, and Ebay, where they can fetch the same price. I chose a reissue because the old ones cost over a grand, additionally, they are a pain to maintain. Only one guy is known to work on them. The new ones are quartz movements, so they are more reliable and easier to fix. It should be noted that some big names wear and wore this watch, including Twilight Zone host, Rod Serling, Elvis, and Brian Setzer, and Tommy Lee Jones wore one in the film Men in Black.

Now a member of the club.

Now, some of you may ask, “How can you spend $300.00 on a watch!?” Well, I justify it by saying I spend so little on everything else…I mean hell, that top I’m wearing in the photo, I bought for five bucks! I buy a big chunk of my stuff at Goodwill, and I know what a good deal is, and even though $300.00 is a lot, it was a good deal for what it is.

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