Heading to Portland for BBVD

BBVD knows how to swingTomorrow, Patrick and I are taking the train up to Portland to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland. Last time I’ve saw BBVD, it was New Years Eve at the Walt Disney Concert Hall (designed by Frank Gehry) in LA, which wasn’t a bad show, BBVD is quite entertaining, however it wasn’t a dancing event, it was all seated and no photography was allowed. The Wonder Ballroom though is quite a different venue from the LA Phil. Seating is only in the balcony, and the floor is going to be wide open, so the place will be swingin’. If you’ve never heard of BBVD, I’d say you’re sure missing out, especially if you dig swing and big band. With eight albums out (including an impressive Christmas album), they write the majority of their own stuff, and they’re fun upbeat songs with great lyrics. With seven members, they put on a good show and don’t mess around; they all dress is double breasted suits, wide ties and fedoras. Scotty heads up the band, but it’s Glen “the Kid” who I love. I hope it’s a good show. Patrick and I are getting the 5:30 am train so we can spend some time in the city we both love so much. I also hope to check out locations where events related to my research paper happened. We’ll return Saturday morning.

As for other things going on in life…I had my WWII mid-term exam today, and Monday brings my American West mid-term. Plus, I’m still swamped with research for my Portland Vice essay. And did I mention I’m also hosting a Halloween party? And I have family in town this weekend? It’s a nightmare to say the least.But I will post Saturday blogging about decorating retro for Halloween, and about the concert.

I hope you have a lovely and safe Halloween weekend!

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