Want the Ultimate in Atomic Christmas Movies?

Science-Fun-Fiction, eh?Watch Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. In this 1964 flick, martian children are enraptured with Earth programs and Santa Claus, so much so they do not eat or sleep, and this causes the leader of Mars to seek the advice of the planet elder, who tells them that martian children, who have never had fun, “need a Santa Claus”. The leader then decides to kidnap Santa and bring him back to Mars. Since the film was made during the Cold War, there are even references to the Soviets when the martian ship is noticed on US radar.

The film is beyond campy and cheesy. It’s a wonder these actors ever kept straight faces especially either wearing or interacting with the martian costumes, which includes a scuba mask upside down, and delivering lines like “Mrs. Claus has positively identified the kidnappers as martians”. There is plenty of sad visual effects as well, including an overwhelming use of stock footage and the most pathetic polar bear costume you’ve ever seen along with a robot that looks like a ten year old made it out of the old washing machine box and some duct tape.

Their costumes may be bad, but at least their furniture is keen!The perk and, in my opinion, stunning thing about Santa Claus Conquers the Martians is that a good majority of the furniture in the martian homes is very modern and includes many highly sought after mid-century furnishings, including Jacobson’s famous Egg Chair and Saarinen tables. However not even that can save this mind-numbing flick. The best way to watch Santa Claus Conquers the Martians is with Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version of the film, which offers up witty retorts to some of the embarrassingly bad acting and keep you laughing.

There is no doubt that the film is the epitome of the kitchy B-Movies of the 1960s, and you enjoy those movies that are “so bad, they’re good” you’re sure to love Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

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