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I don’t know about you, but gearing up for this Christmas has been much more hectic than normal. Mostly due to the fact I’m juggling Christmas and wedding planning.

Xtabay in Portland - the vintage place TO BE!Sunday, my mom, Patrick, and I headed up to Portland where Monday, my mom, my maid of honor, Megan and I set forth dress hunting. The first place we checked out was Xtabay along Clinton street. A fabulous, high quality vintage clothing shop, Xtabay has extended to offer up vintage wedding dresses as well. While I didn’t find my wedding dress there, I found a wonderful “going away” dress, which had the original store tags on it! Cost? $98, more than I am used to spending (okay, my mom actually paid for it), but worth every single cent since it’s so perfect and in such glorious condition! I also found a great pair of vintage screw-on earrings and broach to match for $10.Sadly, I didn’t snap any pictures of me in the dress, but here is (sorta) a picture of the dress, it’s the turquoise one in the background. The dress can also be seen here with a stunning coat, which I would have bought, had it not already been sold! But let me tell you, if you’re searching for high quality (we’re talkin’ like new quality) vintage Xtabay is the place to be! Liz, the owner, carries only womens clothing, shoes and accessories, and is very, very cordial and an absolute delight to talk with. And if she doesn’t have what you want at that moment, sign her book with your contact info and what you have in mind, and she’ll get back to you if something comes in!

Oh, Mayor Schrunk!Tuesday, Patrick and I hit up the Kennedy School and Edgefield McMenamins as possible wedding venues. We are both keen on the Kennedy School, and have crossed Edgefield off our list, mainly due to its remote location. We’re going to be looking at more locations in January.

Also that day we visited Terry Schrunk Plaza, which is the park located across the street from Portland’s City Hall. Why did we stop there? Because Schrunk was a key player in my Vice in the Rose Cityresearch essay (working on some final touches before posting it). He was sheriff for a long while, and then became mayor, despite his suspected involvement in the corrupt pay-off system between Portland’s underworld figures and police and politicians. It was windy that day, so my hair is mussed up…oh well.

Wednesday I headed to my mom’s house in Salem and checked out a local bridal shop there where I found my dress! While it’s not vintage like I had hoped, it is in a very 40s Hollywood glam style. Of course, no pictures will be posted until the big day next December! The store carries a selection of dresses to try on and then order, along with a selection of clearance/discontinued dresses, which is where I found mine. The cost? $398. Not too bad, but of course still a lot. But my major goal in this wedding is to go local; venue, cake, attire, jewelry, etc. Which means getting all I need for my bridal ensemble without once stepping into a David’s Bridal, and so far I’ve done that.

As for today, it’s last minute shopping, wrapping and scouting for things we want to buy the day after Christmas. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas!! Merry Christmas!

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