A Good Day’s Huntin’

Tuesday the lovely Alex Sandra came to visit as part of her day-trip to California.I showed her one of my favorite hot spots in Eugene, Nobody’s Baby. She picked up a pair of lovely spring-o-lator shoes and three purses! I walked away with the most darling dress that I wish I could have had for Valentine’s Day!


I believe the dress to be homemade based upon the stitching and the fact that it has no label. I just adore the asymmetrical lines and scalloped edges. It’s classic ’40s/’50s. I was a little unsure about the length when I tried it on at the shop, but with heels, it’s a great, classic length. Cost: $27.50

Later, my friend, Jen visited and we hit up the Goodwills and St. Vinnies around town.

Let the People at Pan Am help you plan your next party!One of the many things I collect is Pan Am. While I collect vintage flight bags from any airline, Pan Am I collect pretty much anything of, so I was thrilled when I found this “World Wings International Hostess Cook Book” by Pan Am.Copyrighted 1972, though it is obvious that it was not printed until 1974, based on the International Officers page, the book offers up recipes from around the world. On the back of each divider is listings for each place Pan Am flies.Plus, I found this article from the Eugene Register-Guard reviewing the book! Purchased at St. Vincent de Paul for $2.99.

I picked this fabulous Hawaiian dress at Goodwill. The tag, as you can see reads “Hawaiian Togs”. I haven’t had any luck digging anything up on the label, but people are asking any where from $20.00 to $130.00 for this label, making me feel pretty darn good about my $5.99 purchase! Plus I love that the original price of $12.95 is still visible on the tag.

Ready for that Luau!

At the same Goodwill I picked up this “Dubl Handi” washboard, for $4.99. While I adore it for its wording on the back, it’s a shame that the images that were printed on the front have since disappeared, since research online reveals that they were stockings, handkerchiefs and a bra.

Get my scrub on!

I really would love to do a pin-up themed laundry room with pin-ups on the walls, and a washboard and clothes line strung up. Something I can hopefully have one day.

One excited Atomic Redhead!But the icing on the cake at this Goodwill was finding this 1964 Jim Beam bottle (dates are on the bottom of the bottles), for $7.99.You may recognize the shape because it was the bottle that was used for Jeannie’s bottle in the 1960s TV show I Dream of Jeannie, one of my all time favorite TV shows. Ages ago, and I mean ages, back when I was in grade school, my dad and I purchased a bottle at the Portland Expo (for $20.00) and my dad hand painted it to look like the second season and forward bottle, and since then I’ve wanted another to paint like the first season (yes, there were two different bottles), however finding bottles is rare and pricey at times, since unpainted bottles can go for as high as $40.00. I can’t wait to get to work on this.

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