Jeannie Finds a New Home

After a few hours of hard work on my $7.99 Jim Beam bottle, I am thrilled to present my season one Jeannie bottle.

Putting the final touches on it. Patrick was a work the majority of the time I was working and got home just as I was doing the "windows".

I spent the majority of the day working on it while watching Jeannie, since I have all of the episodes on DVD. I used a paint pen to do the work and painted directly on the glass, like the original was. Additionally, the bottle in the show used a crystal stopper, not the real stopper, so I’m going to keep and eye out for one at Goodwill. I must say, it was more difficult than I imagined, but nevertheless, I’m pleased with my work, and it will look fabulous sitting in the apartment.

Jeannie has always been among my top ten TV shows, if not my favorite for sometime growing up. I had all of the dolls playsets that came out in the 90s, which included a Jeannie computer game on a floppy disk! I also remember that Major Nelson was my biggest crush when I was in about the fourth grade (I say Nelson instead of Larry Hagman, because I can’t stand him as JR on Dallas), and loved watching it on Nick at Nite, followed by TV Land, back when they actually showed old shows, not their silly reality shows like High School Reunion or Extreme Home Makeover.

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