Graduation Here I Come!

In exactly 69 days I will be graduating from the UO with a Bachelors in History!Today kicked off the first day of the grad fair at the bookstore and I purchased by grad gown, cap and tassel!

Four Years of Hard Work...about to pay off?

This year, the UO is “going green”, literally and figuratively. Tradition has been black caps and gowns, despite the school’s green and yellow color scheme, but this year, the gowns are emerald green, and, get this, they are biodegradable. Seriously. Hey, we’re Oregonians…we love our trees.

As for graduating, I am certainly excited!! And, well, not to mention pretty darn nervous too. As eager as I am to get out of college, I am all the more nervous to enter “the real world”. Unlike many of my friends, I’m not going to grad school, at least not at the moment anyway. It really depends on how the job hunting experience goes. Well, back to the old grind. I may have my cap and gown, but I still have to earn my final credits!

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