A Mad Affair at the Pad

Last night I celebrated for my 22nd birthday with a Mad Men-themed bash, requiring guests to dress in 1960s attire of course. Patrick, my best friend Megan and myself prepped for the party by slicing up cheese and baking cupcakes. For party favors, I picked up candy cigarettes, which were an utter hit! Additionally, I picked up some butcher paper from the UO Bookstore and recreated the Mad Men logo in our front window.

Cupcakes and Cocktails!

And with an hour to go, we got ourselves all dolled up. Megan wore a lovely vintage Suzy Perette dress she picked up at Nobody’s Baby.

Lookin' good...

Then we were ready to drink and dance the night away…with some fondue and Apples to Apples as well. The night was a fabulous filled with great food, friends and laughs. Apples to Apples has to be one of the most brilliant games ever created; every time I play I laugh so hard I cry.

Swingin' the night away.

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