Finding Vintage at the UO Street Fair

Today through Saturday, the UO plays host to the Street Fair, which brings in an array of unique items from jewelry to clothing to journals, and not to mention food, including my fav, frozen chocolate covered cheesecake. This year, like in a few years past, Oak Street Vintage has set up shop to offer up a taste of what they have at their store on 14th and Oak. I intended to take a gander after class, but I left early to drop off some library books, and still had time to see what I could find…And I found two fabulous treasures…

Fab finds just before class.

The dress on the left has lived a somewhat hard life, but it is adorable never the less, and with its lightweight fabric, I’m thrilled to add it to my warm weather collection of dresses. The dress on the right had me jumping for joy. I just adore the cut and the fabric is wonderful. Neither have a tag, and the insides bear the markings of homemade goodness. Bought the pair for $35.00, not too shabby.

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