Let’s Paint the Town…Turquoise?

Unpacking the glory that is Starburst.Yesterday, my mom, Patrick and I drove to Portland to take a few items to our new place, and clean and paint.  Some of the choice items?  My Starburst dishes…since these beauties cost an arm and a leg, I wanted to get them safe and sound in their new home before our entourage of family and friends help us move in, guns blazing.

One thing I was really eager about was the fact we got to paint at this place.  While I have often lived in places which allow painting, we just never did it, but there was this one wall that screamed, “PAINT ME TURQUOISE!”, which we did.

The wonder of color...

After some thought earlier this week, we also agreed to paint a wall in the bedroom as well, and we settled on a lime green color, which will go nicely with the turquoise comforter the bed will have.

Talk about color!

After many hours of hard work, which included painting, wiping out cupboards and drawers, loads of Lysol, and vacuuming, I think everything came out pretty darn well!  We even decided to paint another wall turquoise.

*whew!* Now we just gotta move in!

Now, we just have to move in!  Tomorrow my dad and I are headed to Rickreall for their swapmeet and flea market, then it’s study! study! study! Since I have two finals come Monday (one at 8 am, quickly followed by one at 10 am!) and a final Tuesday, along with an essay!  Then it’s several days filled with packing, and then graduation and moving! I can’t wait!

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