Great Day to be a Grad!

Hey! Where's my diploma!?

After four years of hard work I have finally graduated college. It’s both exhilarating and terrifying, but regardless, I am happy to be leaving the UO. It’s been a crazy four years. While I can’t reflect on my years at the UO by saying I was active in any sports or campus groups like I could in high school, I can say that I have enjoyed my time here since I feel that I learned a lot about a great many things, and met loads of fabulous people. It certainly hasn’t been as wonderful of a four years as high school, but it has still be an experience. I found it much more difficult to discover my niche in such a large school, and was fine to reserve myself to my studies and an intimate social life. In 2006 I walked on campus as a journalism major (aspiring to be the next Edward R. Murrow), having been on the newspaper staff in high school and enjoying it, I thought it an practical and worth-while career path, having previously considered majors such as archaeology and art. After a year of attending J classes, I quickly realized that the J school wasn’t for me, and moved to Women’s and Gender Studies and Psych, aspiring to be a councilor, although upon taking my second WGS class, I came to terms that I didn’t quite fit in with that crowd. And after taking a few history courses, I quickly realized how stupid I had been…I had always loved the past, and here, I could get a degree about it! How wasn’t this so obvious before!? After loads of history courses ranging from the middle ages to the 1960s and France to Vietnam and thousands of pages of reading I am happy to call myself a History major and boast my BA. Now I just have to wait for it in the mail.

As for Patrick, having also entered as a J major, he dabbled in architecture, and then settled upon digital arts with minors in both journalism and art.

On to Portland!

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