Getting Settled & Upcoming Events

Getting a little tired of this...So, here’s a little update to prove I’m still alive and haven’t died in the moving process!

We’re four days into living in Portland, and we’re still unpacking. It’s like recovering from an atomic blast it seems. The other day I found a box of dishes in the bedroom. How did that get there!? So, needless to say, we’re still stepping over boxes and newspaper and getting things where they belong. But I can say things are coming together, and I think it’ll look great. I’ll post some pictures once everything is in place and has a home. It’s hard to focus since our window looks out onto the pool, which keeps calling my name…


Hitting up the booths at the antique malls.Yesterday, we took a break from packing to check out the antique shops in the Hollywood District.Not only did I find a few things, I also signed a contract for a booth at one of the antique malls!! I got a space at Antique Alley on 42nd, and move in on the first of July! I can’t wait! A lot of things need to happen between now and then, like I need to go to the fixture store and get a clothing rack, and a few other things. And dig out all of my inventory from Etsy.

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