Love is in the Air

Just before graduation, Patrick and I finally got around to doing our engagement photos. It had been a process of waiting for just the right time for all three parties and not to mention waiting for good weather. Ivar Vong, the photo editor for the Oregon Daily Emerald and one of the web developers for the EMU Marketing team, did these fabulous photos that were shot in the courtyard of the Bijou in Eugene. This is a small selection of the many, many beautiful photos he took.

Love is in the air...

It was a difficult process in some respects, since the tiny area forced Ivar to get creative with shooting and where to stand. So, a huge thank you to Ivar for working in such small and difficult conditions (which was totally our fault), and not falling in the fountain!

Regarding the new Portland pad, things are nearly there, since I left a few things at my dad’s back in Eugene which I won’t get until next week. Meanwhile, I picked up a clothing rack for my space at Antique Alley, thanks to Saks who is going out of business and selling all of their fixtures. Additionally, Friday, I am joining my brother and his car club for Billetproof, a weekend long car show up in Centralia, Washington. Not sure yet if our hotel has internet, so I may be blogging from the Evergreen state or afterward once I’ve returned to PDX.

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