Keepin' a Tradition Alive

Back in 1971, my mom graduated from college, and her parents got her a sewing machine. And get this, she is still using that same sewing machine today. On my graduation day my mom gave me a talking Star Wars card that blasted the Star Wars theme at me, followed by Obi Wan telling me I had “learned well”. Also inside was a print out of a sewing machine that she had picked out for me online. When she came over the weekend, she brought it.


I’m thrilled to say the least. I’ve been quite envious of my friends with their sewing machines, and the loads of vintage patterns I’ve seen over the course of my antiquing. Now, it can all me mine! However, I’m quite intimidated. I’ve built bicycles and worked on engines, but a sewing machine baffles me!  This isn’t to say I know nothing about sewing! I’ve made out quite well with my hand sewing skills. But that doesn’t always cut it, so I’m going to put my nose to the grindstone this week, and am going to get this puppy figured out!

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