Tiki Time at Tony Starlight’s

Last night, Patrick, Angelina, Carla of Bohemian Vintage, and I attended Alex Sandra‘s Tiki Madness fashion show at Tony Starlight’s.

Get your tiki on!

With exotic drinks in hand we enjoyed live piano music, and fabulous fashions available from Alex Sandra’s shop. Near the entrance Alex Sandra had set up jewelry, hats and clothing available for purchase, in addition to the items in the show being for sale. I love that Alex Sandra accentuates the versatility of vintage. She had women of all shapes and sizes (proving that vintage is not just for the itty bitty!), and demonstrated of how a necklace and brooch can quickly become a bracelet. Alex Sandra also pointed me out in the crowd, and I was able to come up on stage, share my dress (from Nobody’s Baby in Eugene) and plug both my antique space and my blog!

As for Tony Starlight’s itself, the establishment harks back to the lounges of the 1950s and 60s with live music and entertainment, and is showy without being gaudy, and also intimate and offers you a chance to hob-knob with the owner himself. We ate dinner before hand and opting to do dessert and drinks there. I highly recommend the Huckleberry Lemonade!

The next fashion show is sometime in September and is said to be Mad Men themed!

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