Antique Mall Price Tag Lingo

Have you ever been antiquing and seen a price tag similar to the one below and wondered what all of that gibberish was?

What do all of those letters mean!?

Have no fear, the Atomic Redhead is here! Here to offer up some help on translating the lingo of antique show and shop price tags so you’ll know what to do or not do next time you’re out and about.


Not For Sale. You’ll usually see NFS at shows or shops on an item that is being used for display purposes. For example I have a vintage suitcase that I use for my $1 items. Since it’s in use, it isn’t for sale. Sometimes you’ll see chairs with NFS on them at shows, since it is the item that the dealer is using to sit on. Depending on the item, you may be able to strike up a deal. It never hurts to ask! Also, you can offer, “If you ever think of eventually selling that, give me a call” and leave your number.


No Discount. You’ll often see ND on items in stores. This helps the antique mall operators know if they can do an immediate 10% discount on an item, or if they can call a dealer if a customer has a price in mind. So if you see an ND, don’t try to offer less for it. This also goes the same for “firm” on a tag.


Never Removed From Box. This obviously means the item is in mint condition, and therefore carries with it a higher value.


Mint In Box. Simply another variation to tell you the item has not been removed and thus never played with or used commanding a higher price.

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