Autumn Antiquing

Over the weekend, I went to my dad’s down in Eugene and we spent the weekend in search of antiques. On Saturday, Albany hosted their Antiques in the Streets. Waking up bright and early, we drove 40 miles into Albany’s quaint downtown, it was brisk, and you could see your breath at times. While their event was small in comparison to many other antique shows, there were a few antique shops to make up for it, including a 3000 square foot antique mall where I found some swell things. Some of the dealers who were at Albany were also at Coburg, a nice idea – killing two birds with one stone, and making the trip to the area worth it. It was also nice for buyers to take a double look at some of the items for sale.

Coburg has been a tradition since I can remember, and I love spending time there. It was also a crisp early autumn morning, but eventually the sun popped out, and warmed up both dealers and shoppers. As for the finds, both shows were eventful!

Starting with the upper left, this hat really caught my eye because of its fun velvet bow. I picked up this odd little pin in Albany, it’s a sign that reads “Soft Shoulder” and has a heart shaped locket with a four-leaf clover design on the front. I adore funky little animals, especially ones with rhinestone eyes – Patrick hates them, but I thought this little guy might be fun for Halloween. Then I bought this pair of goggles. One thing about me is I adore Victorian and Steampunk stuff as well.And both are rather expensive fashions, so when I saw these, and realized that the edge pieces are bakelite, I had to have ’em!

I also scooped up these two vintage dresses. The one on the left is a 1950s Hannah Troy, with a built in crinoline. When I saw this, I about died. It was my favorite color and had stunning lines. The red number is without a label, except for a pre-1964 International Ladies Garment Workers Union label. It’s three pieces, a dress, belt, and jacket. I love the large collar on the jacket, and of course the fact that it has pockets! My dad bought some nifty memorial chapel parking signs that were from the funeral parlor some relatives of ours used to own in Eugene, the building is now the Bijou Cinemas. As well as two more Schwinn bicycles to add to our collection.

All-in-all, a fabulous weekend for vintage finds! I can’t wait for Expo in October!!

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