Wedding Update

Over the weekend, my mom visited yet again to help out with wedding stuff. A few weeks ago, when she visited, I finally decided upon a veil (after long and fruitless hair comb searches), and placed the order. Quick story here, I have a mega fear of veils. They creep me out to no end… I think it has something to do with the film The Others… Anyhow, about two weeks after placing the order I received a call saying that the veil design I wanted wasn’t available in the color I desired, so I had to go back (to Salem) to try out other veils. I eventually settled on another design, and also picked out an adorable pair of shoes. I’m glad I finally got ’em, so I have time to break them in. But they are surprisingly comfortable already!

Meanwhile, Patrick and I are DIY’ing our invitations, and last night we finally got all of the components printed, cut, folded, and put together, now I’m sitting here stuffing, licking and stamping each one.

The invitation consists of blue cardstock, folded, with one of our engagement photos (held in with photo corners for easy removal and framing!) on the front, opened, there is the formal invitation on the left, the photobooth strip from when Patrick proposed which acts as a pocket to hold in the RSVP, directions, and hotel info cards. It’s really great seeing this go from a sketch to computer to reality. But I’ll be honest, too, it’s been stressful (I’m so proud of our printer for sticking out this grueling process) and time consuming. So to those who are thinking of DIY’ing their invites too, be warned, make sure you have the time! But you do produce something super unique!

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