Happy Halloween!

Happy (belated) Halloween, dear readers!! I hope you all had a lovely and safe holiday that is fulled with delightful tricks and treats!

As for me…in the afternoon, Patrick and I attending the screening of Psycho at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in downtown where the score was performed by the Oregon Symphony.

The idea was brilliant, but our post-graduation wallets proved troublesome, since we purchased the cheapest tickets available – fourth row along the side, so we watched the Hitchcock classic with skewed vision. But nevertheless, it was an experience. It was also very interesting to see what people wore…there were of course a variety of people in costume, including twenty-somethings to fifty-somethings. There were people in…shudder…jeans…and then there were the people, like myself who just dressed up in the manner you would normally expect people to dress to see the symphony – here’s a gander at what I wore…

I about died when I found this dress awhile back, but just haven’t had an event to wear it to until now. I just love all of the fabulous lines and detailing – especially that back!

After Psycho we went to the Lone Fir Cemetery for their Tour of Untimely Departures.  A fabulous event where you take a tour of the cemetery and stop at various headstones to hear the stories of those buried there as performed by volunteers as the person.  It was wonderfully educational and I highly recommend it next year!

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