Maddness at Tony Starlight's

Last night AlexSandra hosted her monthly fashion show at Tony Starlight’s – the theme for this one? Mad Men! For this, AlexSandra brought out a large selection of fabulous 60s garments, everything from robes to evening gowns could be seen and purchased!

I was so pleased with AlexSandra asked me to be in this show, and I got to enjoy a fabulous experience with her lovely friends and models as we got our hair done and all gussied up.

AlexSandra did my hair for the evening, giving me a stunning up-do, something I am going to have to learn to replicate at home.

As for the fashion itself – every lovely lady looked fabulous in a wide variety of AlexSandra’s fashion.

I especially loved this purple chiffon number that Kristen wore.  Not to mention the two turquoise numbers!  Once again, AlexSandra highlights the fact that vintage isn’t just for skinny girls, and showcased a range of sizes.  She also had a round of coats, showing that looking fashionable is not lost when it’s cold outside.

As for myself, I wore these two fun numbers:

I adored this black beauty I wore in the first round, and rhinestones galore!  Everything that is in the show is for sale, and this black dress sold bought off my body to a lovely patron.  In the second set I wore this fun red, white, and blue mini dress.  AlexSandra had made jokes that she and I were twins, since she did my hair exactly how she did herself, and we both boasted red, white, and blue outfits with scarves in our hair. But I can’t think of a better companion in fashion!

The evening was a riot and I am glad to have participated, and I look forward to the next one, whether I am participating or in the audience.

One thought on “Maddness at Tony Starlight's

  1. Thank you for being in the show. First class performance! I look forward to our photo shoot on Tuesday and hope you will be able to model again in the Holiday Spectacular! on December 7th.

    P.S. I’m sure glad Heather caught my Mmm Hmmmm face.

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