A Girl’s Vanity

A staple of any woman’s bedroom in the 1950s was a vanity. A place to store their jewelry, make-up and prep themselves for the day.  Over the decades the vanity has disappeared, replaced by the bathroom.  For me, it was something I always wanted – I wanted to be that pin-up seated at her vanity putting on her lipstick. So when I saw this Hey-Wake vanity on CraigsList a few years ago for $125, I had to have it.

With a little elbow grease, I was able to refinish the top of the vanity and remove the rings on top.  I had my upholstery guy, Joe Klem (UPDATE: Sadly, Joe passed away in January, 2012), reupholster the stool and tada! A vanity to call my own!

I use the top portion of the vanity to store my headbands.  The sides of the vanity are flanked by Guy Williams images.

I don’t have my ears pierced, thus I have become addicted to clip-on earrings, and I adore these swirly earring racks.  The photo on the left is of my grandfather.  He died in the late 60s, and has become kind of a legend in our family among those who are his grandkids. A WWII vet, he raced jalopies and gave my father a classic 1950s childhood in California.

Train cases are another thing of the past that I adore.  I have a total of four, including this one that I use for jewelry.

I adore the look of so many ashtrays, but I don’t smoke, but have found use in them ranging from coasters to jewelry trays.

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