Play it now, play it now!

Last night was AlexSandra’s latest fashion show.  AlexSandra got her gals dolled up to model her wares as Tony took it upon himself to pay homage to Neil Diamond (since his birthday was just a few days ago) by dressing up and belting Diamond numbers throughout the evening.

It was quite the show, and was full of laughs, including a discussion on 1960s dance moves, and a bow tie tying contest.  As always, everything in the show was for sale! She even included a rack of $25 coats! Talk about a deal! I highly recommend attending AlexSandra’s shows, shopping at her store, or checking out her Etsy page because she really showcases that vintage is not just for women with 25 inch waists, which is what so many people think.  All of her models are of different heights, weights and body types!

As for myself, I wore a lovely faux leopard print jacket (sold that night too!) for the coat round, followed by a wonderful little black dress that was made of hand-loomed material! My other outfit I was utterly in love with. A fabulous nylon blouse and felt circle skirt with three, yes three crinolines under!

The evening ended with Tony continuing his Neil Diamond impressions us girls pretending to fawn fawning all over him.

Next show is in March 24 – that’s a Thursday! And the cover will be $10.  Details to come as the event grows near!

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