My First Dress!

Over the weekend my mom visited to help me in making my very first dress!  Out of the array of vintage patterns I’ve been collecting, I selected what I thought to be the easiest to make – albeit not my favorite – Butterick 3992, a wonderful 1960s number that required only 4 pieces to make!

After getting the hang of the machine, which I had nearly no luck on my own after I got the machine, and doing some practice runs on scraps of fabric, we were ready to go!  I didn’t make too many mistakes, and the zipper wasn’t as big of a hassle as I thought it would be.  The afternoon turned to evening, and the dress was nearly done. I finished up the hem yesterday and it was done!

While it’s not perfect – the armpits are kind of off, and the hem isn’t too great – I’m still really quite proud of it!  I have another pattern that is similar that I may make to continue to get the hang of this before I take a crack of some 1940s or 50s patterns.

3 thoughts on “My First Dress!

    • Yeah, my husband came home to me in tears today – it wasn’t pretty. I was trying to make a sewing mat – just a little something for my machine to sit on, and I was have difficulties. I’m trying to get back into crocheting though and have thought about knitting.

  1. Awesome job! It looks lovely.

    I could never sew anything like a dress. I took sewing for two years in jr. high and I was always terrible at it. I have so much respect for people who are able to sew because it’s such a handy skill to have. When I move out I’m going to have to start throwing out otherwise good clothes with holes because I won’t have my mom around to fix them!

    One day I think I’d like to try knitting or crochet. My mom crochets blankets so I could learn from her, but I’d be on my own if I wanted to learn knitting.

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